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Posted By: AndyVH1959 Rocket Wisconsin brand - Wed Jul 01 2020 07:22 PM
Got some custom graphics done with T-way Graphics for my Rocket brand Tockheim 39 Short gas pump. On the avatar by my name you can see where the Rocket decal will be. I worked with Jim at T-way Graphics to recreate what I hope is about as close a "Rocket" brand decal as can be found. Rocket was an obscure fuel company brand in southwest Wisconsin. These will go on my original 39 Short that I plan to keep in the patina stage, just satin clear coated to maintain it. May eventually get globes too.

I also commissioned Jim to make me a custom sign decal for the motorcycle shop I am currently building. I'll have a junk piston/con-rod converted into an LED lamp hanging from the front peak of my shop garage.Great work Jim, looking forward to properly displaying the goodies.

Attached picture Rocket-Door-Decal-V2.jpg
Attached picture Rocket-Door-Decal---Regular.jpg
Attached picture Andys-Holed-Piston-Garage---working.jpg
Posted By: Paul Bell Re: Rocket Wisconsin brand - Fri Jul 03 2020 09:39 PM
Didn’t know rocket gas was a Wisconsin brand, have to research that more. Cool graphics. There’s an old post on old gas about it:

Posted By: Maps for the memories Re: Rocket Wisconsin brand - Mon Jul 06 2020 08:04 PM
You're pretty close to what I remember. I think the Rocket points up at about a 30° angle, but with the lettering perpendicular to be legible from a distance. Interesting that this showed up in Baraboo.
Posted By: AndyVH1959 Re: Rocket Wisconsin brand - Tue Jul 07 2020 06:09 AM
Yup, the avatar by my name is the front of the 39 Short. There was just enough of the original decal trace on the front panel to determine the dimensions and angle of the original decal. At first Jim at T-way made a decal with a sharp pointed arrowhead shape. After I studied the old decal trace it looked more like a rocket nose and Jim revised his graphics. The actual angle of the decal on the panel is about 25 degrees up. I also found an older image of the pump which the seller had long before I bought the pump, and from that I could just discern the font shape, especially for the "R" of Rocket.
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