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Posted By: Walkie72 Wayne 100b pump - Sat Jul 04 2020 01:01 AM
Iā€™m a newbie here:) looking for some inside pics of a Wayne 100b pump. I disassembled when I was 20...27 years ago! Boxes of parts have moved with me 3 times. I only have a couple grainy pics left as an assembly guide. Everything I have has been powder coated but I am afraid some parts have gone missing over time.

I have searched for an assembly diagram but have not been able to find...

I am trying to figure the door hinges. Would anyone be willing to post a couple pics or offer any advice?

Thanks in advance!
Posted By: gatorgaspumps Re: Wayne 100b pump - Sat Jul 04 2020 01:26 AM
Hope these pictures help. Richard

Attached picture DCP_1742.JPG
Attached picture DCP_1743.JPG
Attached picture DCP_1745.JPG
Posted By: Walkie72 Re: Wayne 100b pump - Sat Jul 04 2020 01:41 AM
That helps! Thank you very much!
Posted By: Jack Sim Re: Wayne 100b pump - Sun Jul 05 2020 03:17 AM
Here is the manuals you are looking for, this is on my website: petrolianacollectibles.com/wayne-100b.htm First page of website is: www.petrocollect.com

Take a look around the site, there are over 12,000 images (mostly gas pumps and air meters) on the site.

Jack Sim

Author, Gas Pump Bible, identification book: www.gaspumpbible.com
Posted By: Speedracer Re: Wayne 100b pump - Sun Jul 05 2020 01:58 PM
Here is a link with some more 100b pics... Not exactly pics of the hinges... a couple of us were helping someone else out with some pics.

Posted By: Walkie72 Re: Wayne 100b pump - Thu Jul 09 2020 01:28 AM
Thank you! I now have hope that I can put her back together again šŸ˜Š
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