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Posted By: Stig How to do paint patina - Fri Apr 30 2021 03:59 AM
I have a pre visible pump with scratched up, amateur paint job. I would like to give it a proper vintage looking finish. Cracked, distressed look like 80 years in the weather.
I have a pint of flat red single stage to start, and primer if needed.....What is a technique that has work for some of you guys ? Some rust is ok but mostly want very aged looking color
Posted By: Speedracer Re: How to do paint patina - Fri Apr 30 2021 02:31 PM
I have not tried this technique, but I heard if you brush Elmers glue on before you paint something it will result in cracked paint, but all the videos on YouTube are done on wood. You may want to practice on metal that already has a base coat to see if the technique would work for you.

There are lots of neat videos on YouTube describing a few different techniques. I searched “cracked paint elmers”
Posted By: advertologist Re: How to do paint patina - Fri Apr 30 2021 02:40 PM
.. ... cool


Posted By: Oldgas Re: How to do paint patina - Fri Apr 30 2021 02:44 PM
We often call the technique of restoring a gas pump to look like an old original survivor as being a "rustoration." There are many old threads on this forum with photos and discussions about rustorations. Do an internal search to find them.

Click on the little magnifying glass on the upper right near where you click to login.
Then choose the text link, "Advanced Forum Search"

On that search form you can choose which forum sections, time periods and authors to target your search. See attached screen shot picture.

[Linked Image]

Choose Showcase and General Discussion forum sections.
Put "rustoration" in the Keyword box
Put "MATT ALVAREZ" in the Display Name box as he is our resident rustoration craftsman
Put in a date range of Newer than 7 years and Older than 1 year to narrow the search for speed and accuracy
Click Submit

Look through the links in the search results. Lots of photos and some discussion of technique. Like this:

Attached picture search-screenshot.jpg
Posted By: Ryan Underthun Re: How to do paint patina - Fri Apr 30 2021 03:11 PM
I have had success using vasoline, salt, hydrogen peroxide, and water in different stages with good success.
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