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Posted By: BornTooLate Gulf Oil Rack Signage - Thu May 20 2021 09:19 PM
I have been trying to determine which if any signage would have been on a Gulf rack like the one in the attached picture. This rack has the heavier lattice style shelves. I’ve see plenty of pictures of the other style of rack with the wire shelves and the appropriate signage for those, but only found a couple of pictures of my version with a sign that reads “Time for an oil change? Try Gulfpride”. I found one of those signs, but now I’m suspicious that it is right. Mine is missing a small bracket, but when I see pics of the bracket, it still doesn’t look like it would mount properly.

Any ideas on what the correct sign is (if any) and what this sign would be for if not my rack?

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Posted By: gaspumpfrank Re: Gulf Oil Rack Signage - Fri May 21 2021 01:23 PM
Maybe a battery rack
Posted By: advertologist Re: Gulf Oil Rack Signage - Fri May 21 2021 02:49 PM
think Frank is on too something,

made for weight .. ... cool
Posted By: ROCCO2 Re: Gulf Oil Rack Signage - Fri May 21 2021 05:11 PM
Had this one years ago when i collected only Gulf

Attached picture gulf battery stand.jpg
Posted By: BornTooLate Re: Gulf Oil Rack Signage - Fri May 21 2021 10:58 PM
I agree that the shelves seem heavier than the wire oil shelves. I have seen some pics of some battery racks and those seemed to have solid shelves.

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Posted By: huskybob Re: Gulf Oil Rack Signage - Sat May 22 2021 12:09 AM
Be a little tough getting batteries in and out of the first rack with the framework on the sides.
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