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Posted By: Ecko3003 Where to find help for gas station repairs? - Thu Aug 12 2021 05:30 PM
Hello. I have a gas station in California.
Every once in a while when we run into issues with the pumps, we call the appropriate company for help. Over the years observing technicians, we have managed to save a lot of money by picking up on things they do. Nothing major, just minor things like tighten this, loosen this, slip this back into place. The amount of money these companies can be ridiculous considering sometimes all they do is 20 minutes of work but you are billed for a couple hours.

The problem is, we never know just what is wrong. Sometimes they take something small and turn it into something big and bill you for thousands!! But what can you do. There are only a few of these companies around, and they all know how to make a buck off of you.

Scouring the internet for years, I can’t believe there is not a forum where people who own gas stations can share their know how. For example, the other day one of the dispensers stopped pumping 89 and 91 octane. My dad wanted to call the tech, but I remembered having this problem before. I popped the dispenser open, saw something loose, popped it back. Boom. 300 dollars saved.

Do you guys know anywhere information like this can be found? Right now we are having an ISD gross pressure warning. Technician comes in, checks everything, says nothing is wrong, collects a couple hundred dollars, and leaves. Next week, same thing. Last year, this went on for 3 months. Magically one day someone fixed something that had been checked many times before.

Any advice would be helpful

Thank you
Posted By: fuelboy Re: Where to find help for gas station repairs? - Thu Aug 12 2021 10:47 PM
Not sure if there is any magical source of info out there specific to modern gas pumps, not any I know of anyway for what that's worth. But honestly, what you're doing by looking over shoulders, staring at the rats nest and figuring it out yourself is how it starts. Few years of that under your belt and you'll be an old timer yelling at the teenagers to get off their butts and get their hands dirty. Some of the stuff does require expertise, especially the more technical/computerized things can get. But the fundamentals of dispensing hydrocarbons is pretty much the same. I only know well the side of aircraft refueling.

It's getting harder and harder to find good help.
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