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Posted By: plypete Wayne 276 pump stuck - Sat Nov 13 2021 01:07 AM
Recently acquired a Wayne 276 and I have no experience with previsible pumps. Forgive my terminology if incorrect, but the plunger is stuck so I cannot crank the pump. I poured a can of seafoam down the fuel outlet pipe but really do not have an understanding of how it works so i'm not sure if it will help. I plan on cleaning the pump up and it will be an outside display so I really dont want to completely disassemble that part of the pump. Any ideas about getting it freed up are appreciated.
Posted By: gasmansgp Re: Wayne 276 pump stuck - Sat Nov 13 2021 06:25 PM
On these old units, the pump is similar to an old boat bailing tube. The gear system is attached to a simple stroking rod which has a pump ring at the end. The pump plate has leather sweeps attached to cause suction....bringing gas up from the tank. On the down stroke, there is a way to release pressure in the same area. The rod goes up and down inside a brass cylinder. This is a very basic machine. If you don't want to take it apart, try some automatic transmission fluid? It might work? Let it soak a while. There have been times, when I have restored these old pumps and no matter how I tried to get them to move.......I have had to tear them down to accomplish the results needed. Paul www.severngaspumps.com
Posted By: plypete Re: Wayne 276 pump stuck - Sun Nov 14 2021 12:25 AM
I dumped a quart of atf along with what I already had in it and about 3hrs later it popped loose. I got it going up and down with the crank but I have to pry the levers on the side to get it to reverse. I am guessing I still need to get things freed up a bit because I assume when the rack is all the way up you should just push the lever on the right to change direction? Still trying to figure out how it is supposed to work.
Posted By: r49th Re: Wayne 276 pump stuck - Wed Nov 17 2021 02:19 AM
I believe you are going to have to disconnect the plunger rod and handle. Also separate the gear case from the plunger. You probably have two or three location where this mechanism is bound up.
I'm thinking that once the rod has been raised during the pumping of gasoline there is something about pressing the handle shaft towards the gear case and that allows the plunger to go back down into the cylinder to start over. Sorry, It's been awhile since I restored mine.
Posted By: model72 Re: Wayne 276 pump stuck - Thu Nov 18 2021 12:40 AM
The leather sweepers that create suctuon when soft are hard and probably wedged in the brass cylinders. Time to take the pump apart. Replace the leather sweepers with rubber.
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