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Posted By: ClintJ Lubester Restoration - Fri Nov 19 2021 11:11 PM
Hi Everyone,

I'm a newbie here and getting ready to tackle my first project. I grew up on a farm and have collected a few old farm pumps and lubesters over the years. I thought starting with a lubester restoration would be the easiest.

I have removed the pump assembly but still need to remove the tank lid. Is there a way to remove the hinge pin without damaging it? I have attached a few pics.

Also, what is the preferred method for removing old paint - abrasive blasting or chemical dip/strip?



Attached picture PXL_20211016_213818527.jpg
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Posted By: J, Micieli Re: Lubester Restoration - Sat Nov 20 2021 03:31 AM
I would use a small grinding disk and grind the end until washer falls off. The end has just been peened over washer. Sandblasting is a good option being careful around rusted through spots. Good luck on project, update us with pictures as you go along.
Posted By: ClintJ Re: Lubester Restoration - Tue Nov 23 2021 11:49 PM
Thanks for the help!

Posted By: Paul Bell Re: Lubester Restoration - Wed Nov 24 2021 12:02 AM
Yep, that's what I do to. I use an angle grinder to remove the peened end and then eventually replace it with a long bolt.
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