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Posted By: Newpumpguy71 Brass plating help - Sat Jan 01 2022 04:25 AM
Hello. Looking for high quality & reliable brass plating companies for a Fry restoration that I'm doing. Thanks.

Posted By: archer2 Re: Brass plating help - Sat Jan 01 2022 09:35 AM
I have used Courtesy Metal Polishing for chrome several times based on recommendations from members here. They did an excellent job and I plan to keep using them.
Posted By: Paul Bell Re: Brass plating help - Sat Jan 01 2022 01:16 PM
I dont think I ended up doing any plating at all, just a lot of home polishing. You could always buy brass rods and thread them too. Brass plating is easier than chroming, should be able to find some good places.

I'm kind of glad it wasnt all brass, think it be too much.

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