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Posted By: BDMCH How to run the computer - Mon Jan 03 2022 03:01 PM
Dear all

Recently I bought an old Martin & Schartz Gas pump and I would like to run the computer. Do you have any tips how it's getting done?

I saw different ready-to-run sets here in the forum, but I think they were for other manufacturer gas pumps.



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Posted By: Oldgas Re: How to run the computer - Tue Jan 04 2022 03:04 AM
The computers are very similar for most electric gas pumps as far as motorizing the computer to simulate actual use.

Start here:
Posted By: BDMCH Re: How to run the computer - Tue Jan 04 2022 09:08 AM
Dear Oldgas

Thanks for your message. I've used the search engine, that's why I landed in this forum :-)

My plan is to use a 20rpm motor and I want to wire a switch into the nozzle.

My biggest problem is currently to find / produce a coupling connector to this special connector at the computer. Does anybody have a picture of the original arm that connects to the computer?
Posted By: BDMCH Re: How to run the computer - Sat Jan 29 2022 10:32 PM
Dear Gas friends

So finally I mounted the following motor to run the computer:


It's a 30rpm engine with 18W, but my computer is turning very very slowly now. Is it possible that the motor is to weak? or maybe there is any problem with my computer? Any blockage?

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