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Posted By: pigIRON63 PHILLIPS 66 shield globe - Wed Jan 05 2022 02:11 AM
I picked this up today. It apparently came from a local station the was closed down in the late 60's. The guy I got it from said his dad used to work at the station. He got it when the station was torn down. He said that was where the hotrodders gathered. The globe was stored in an out building until a little while ago. Being new to globes, I have a question or two. How rare are they. Do they make replacements? (One side is cracked pretty bad.)

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Posted By: Tankar Re: PHILLIPS 66 shield globe - Wed Jan 05 2022 02:33 AM
The lenses pop up once in awile. Not rare but you dont see them around alot. Common for cracks as they are all plastic. It's a great globe.
Posted By: Coupe Re: PHILLIPS 66 shield globe - Tue Jan 11 2022 02:00 AM
Yes very cool globe, I bought one years ago at a auction, people wear telling me, 'Yeah but it's cracked' , happy that I bought it.

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