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Posted By: Jolly-John Scott's Gas Globe eBook...The latest is? - Wed Mar 16 2022 01:19 AM
Hi, Gang. I normally get a fast email reply from Scott Benjamin, but haven't back from him yet on this question: What is the latest edition of Scott's Gas Pump eBook? What he's currently selling on his website is the 2020 edition. Of course, we all know there's been plenty of movement in globe prices since then.

A couple of years ago, Scott talked about selling a "subscription service" in which a person could log into his website and access updated gas globe eBook content (for an annual fee). At the time, it sound like Scott would be doing this, rather than publishing an updated edition of the eBook on thumb drive or for one-time download. I don't believe this log-in service came to pass, though. Can someone shed a little light on my question? In the meantime, I'll post here with more info once Scott replies to my email of a few days ago. Thanks. John
Posted By: J, Micieli Re: Scott's Gas Globe eBook...The latest is? - Fri Mar 18 2022 07:06 PM
I messaged him and he responded yes.
Posted By: Jolly-John Re: Scott's Gas Globe eBook...The latest is? - Sat Mar 19 2022 12:49 AM
Thanks, Joe. I appreciate you taking the time to help. I did get in touch with Scott by phone this afternoon. He indicated he DOESN"T plan to issue a new or updated eBook (either on a flash drive or for download). So, we'll be working with 2020 pricing information at this point. That's the date of his last globe eBook publication.

Scott also said he hopes to offer the log-in service to a special website sometime in the future. He said a tremendous amount of gas globe and oil company history information, plus then-current globe prices, would be available on such a website. Much easier for him to do updates that way. I believe Scott would be charging a fee for log-in access, since he had mentioned doing so in the past. He indicated he'd like to get this up and running later in 2022.....but then noted he's 66-years-old, and "slowing down some" (who isn't!). So, no guarantees about the timing.

So, Gang, when it comes to current pricing information for globes, I guess we're going to have to watch completed auction results. An alternative would be using Scott's telephone globe appraisal service priced at $25 per globe. John
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