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Posted By: Stephenwarren30 Clear Background Waterslide Decal - Tue May 24 2022 08:51 PM
I was able to pick up an original plastic Husky Restroom key holder sign. It was missing the decal on the bottom part of the sign. I was able to download and enlarge the correct emblem from an original Husky map in order to make a Husky decal (see pic).

I am going to have to make the key fobs. To do so I need make “his” “hers” decals. Unlike the Husky sign in the pic with a white background I need to make the “his” “hers” decals with a CLEAR background.

Does anyone know how to do that on an ink jet printer?

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Posted By: r49th Re: Clear Background Waterslide Decal - Tue May 24 2022 11:45 PM
Your printer doesn't print white. If you want white background, buy white decal paper.
Before you put the decal in water to release it ,you have to clear it with rattle can clear.
Posted By: Paul Bell Re: Clear Background Waterslide Decal - Sat May 28 2022 10:41 PM
If you want clear background, use this stuff with your ink jet printer. Like mentioned above, you will need to clear coat it with something before applying the decal or getting it wet,


I've used this before and have been happy with it. It works as well or is as resolute as your printer quality is.
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