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Posted By: PLUM_72 ECO 97 & 98 Air Meters - Thu Jun 17 2004 12:19 AM
Being new to the hobby and in search of an ECO 90 series Air Meter, I was SHOCKED to find out you can still purchase these things brand new! For $695.00 you can have a new ECO 97 wall mount and for $790.00 an ECO 98 Post mount. Now the face and chrome bezel are a little different, but it appears to me that if you purchase the new meter and a repro face, glass and bezel kit, you'll have a NEW meter at the same cost or slightly lower than the price of a fully restored unit. There are probably used versions of these out there as well that could be had cheaply!
Maybe some of you knew this, but as I learn more about this hobby each day, I'm shocked at what is out there.
Check this website out...it has all the info on the new meters, including parts, costs, manuals, etc. It appears that you just find the local petroleum supply dealer and purchase this thru them... http://opw-fc.com/product_detail.aspx?pid=17
Posted By: Tokheim Re: ECO 97 & 98 Air Meters - Thu Jun 17 2004 02:12 AM
My company is an OPW distributor and can buy/sell these units. If you want a functional air tower with a retro look these would be fine, but they are just not the same. I don't think you can put reproduction pieces on it and make it look like an old one, but I could be wrong.

I found a 50's or whatever vintage one and spiffed it up myself to match my pump... it turned out pretty well, was not that difficult and is packed with character!

The above is only my opinion, of course, and if you want a new one I think I can do better than the price you mentioned.
Posted By: PLUM_72 Re: ECO 97 & 98 Air Meters - Thu Jun 17 2004 02:32 AM
Tokheim...I dont want to mislead anyone, but man they look the same. If you look thru the new ECO part numbers they are the same as some of the repro vendors part numbers. Over the years things probably have changed, for engineering simplicity and cost. If you are a OPW dealer you might look into this to see if the meters are the same...
Posted By: Tokheim Re: ECO 97 & 98 Air Meters - Thu Jun 17 2004 05:55 PM
It takes a big man to admit he is wrong....and I'm not a big man.

Seems however you are absolutely correct according to OPW, you can change the face, bezel, buy new glass, etc. and things will all fit. Would have to drill a couple of holes depending. The mechanism is not exactly the same, but close, therefore most of todays parts will work but not all.
They don't sell the old stlye crank, etc. but Ron Scobie and Vic's Place certainly do and are very helpful.
Plus your prices listed are distributor cost.

Sorry for doubting you!
Posted By: PLUM_72 Re: ECO 97 & 98 Air Meters - Fri Jun 18 2004 03:08 PM
Tokheim...THANKS for looking into the new 90 series meters!! If the prices listed on the OPW site are distributor cost, what would the average Joe pay if he walked in off the street and wanted a new meter or some of the replacement parts? Ballpark figures would be okay...A new meter or restored one is just a little too pricey for me, I'm looking for a used ECO that needs some TLC and can be had for A LOT less. Many of the vendors listed on this site have the "appearance" repo parts. Some of the parts listed on the OPW-ECO website might help to make the meter operational again!

Im surprised more people didn't comment. Were the new meters common knowledge for those deep into the hobby? This stuff is all new to me and each day I am amazed to find all the cool items that are still out there.

Slowly progressing on a '54 Tokheim 39
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Posted By: +Chris Holt Re: ECO 97 & 98 Air Meters - Fri Jun 18 2004 05:00 PM
Plum_72 , a friend of mine converted a new 98 model from OPW, all the bezels are interchangable, I don't think you could tell the difference from an old one,He just pulled off the black plastic face and replaced it with the chrome repro one and changed the crank handle , I don't think he had to drill any holes. him and I learned about this 4 or 5 years ago when we were both working in Detroit, we tried to buy a air meter from a guy that had an old station that was deep in the city, he said , why would you want this old one when you can have a new one , and he then gave us the info, My buddy bought one a week later, and changed it ,It works great, every kid in the neighborhood uses it,I think you could only get them in grey or red I think he payed 495.00 for it, plus shipping. I'm glad you brought this .
Posted By: Tokheim Re: ECO 97 & 98 Air Meters - Fri Jun 18 2004 08:22 PM
Disclaimer: This intent of this post is for sharing of information and is not an attempt to sell these units. I realize there is a "for sale or trade" forum for that purpose.

Plum_72, since you asked, Average Joe would pay List, which I show as this on the OPW web site for complete units, three wheel:

60116BB MODEL 97 3WH RED $863.20
60117BB MODEL 98 3WH RED $967.20
60117FB MODEL 98W 3WH RED W/WATER $1055.60

Better Than Average Joe would get 10% or 12% off. NOT CHEAP!

Good luck in your Eco quest!

- Tokheim -
Posted By: Oldgas Re: ECO 97 & 98 Air Meters - Sat Jun 19 2004 03:25 AM
No need for a disclaimer or apology, Tokheim. If a need is expressed for an item, or if you can legitimately help a discussion with info about items offered for sale, then it is really OK to post that reply in the General Petroliana Discussion forum. Yes, you can offer to sell an item in a reply if the original topic was about looking for that item.

That might sound like a contradiction, but here is the rule of thumb:
If the original topic message is about selling something, it should be on the "For Sale" forum. If the original topic message is about wanting something, then an appropriate reply can be to offer to provide that item. That holds true even for a pro dealer, as long as he is offering an item for sale in response to a request for that item.

Nobody has been shot for posting in the wrong forum category. But the moderators sometimes move a topic to a better category, close it or in the worst case, delete a topic if it is not in the best interest of the community.

Jim "Oldgas" Potts
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Posted By: +Chris Holt Re: ECO 97 & 98 Air Meters - Sat Jun 19 2004 02:56 PM
These Airmeters are great for guys like my buddy that has no time or intrest in restoration of anything , he buys with good intentions but will never get around to restoring any of it , Myself I like breathing new life into something, the hunt for that perfect Pump , airmeter, sign ,or globe, to display is what its all about for me, making a silk purse out of a sows ear so to speek, something with a little history , not to mention that I'm a bit on the cheep side Too. LOL, I'm not saying that I wouldn't buy one ever, but I'm enjoying the hunt for an old one much more than I would watching the mail man deliver one to my door. just my 2 cents worth.
Posted By: PLUM_72 Re: ECO 97 & 98 Air Meters - Sun Jun 20 2004 01:22 AM
Money is tight for me as well. So my search for an ECO 90 series goes on. For those that want to buy everything already complete, A new ECO meter is probably a better deal than one which was restored, plus you get a meter that is operational. The other cool fact about the OPW/ECO site is that parts are available to make your old ECO meter function again.

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