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parking meter decals

Posted By: pumpman2

parking meter decals - Wed Aug 27 2003 06:52 PM

I'm redoing a parking meter as a surprise for my grandson.I need front and back decals or metal signs that tell how much money to insert for different time. The front one is the shape of butterfly wings and on another one i have says PARK-O-METER
and Carl Magee parking meter. The other side has a bigger sign thats shaped round
except for a fanned out portion near bottom.
Does anyone know wrere I can get these decals or signs Thanks.---JERRY

Posted By: kmann

Re: parking meter decals - Wed Aug 27 2003 07:17 PM

do a search.... restored parking meters... there is alot of info and maybe they can supply you with the decals you need...
Posted By: Morgan

Re: parking meter decals - Wed Aug 27 2003 08:11 PM

I bought 50 of these at an auction once. Restored them all over the years.

I removed the tags from the meter body with a long, small dia. punch. Stripped them then sprayed them flat black. Used a sanding block and 400 grit paper, sanded them wet which removed the paint from the raised portion. Clear coated them and they look brand new.

I still have a couple of the tags if you need them.
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