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Posted By: Colt K Bennett 900 parts. (Doors) - Thu Jan 14 2021 03:09 AM
Hello, I’m looking for some parts for my Bennett 900
Mainly I’m looking for the doors. I’m located in Edmonton Alberta but would pay for shipping. Please contact me if you have any or know where I can get some.

Thanks. Colt.

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Posted By: keithia Re: Bennett 900 parts. (Doors) - Fri Jan 15 2021 01:21 AM
Hey Colt. I hate to tell you but you will be best off to find another pump. That is going to cost you way more to find all the parts than it is to buy a complete one. It is missing almost everything. You should be able to bu a complete one like that for around $800.
Posted By: SloDave Re: Bennett 900 parts. (Doors) - Mon Jan 18 2021 03:25 AM
You may think about getting a top and making an open display cabinet with it and calling it good.
Posted By: Gas Pump Rob Re: Bennett 900 parts. (Doors) - Fri Jan 22 2021 02:51 PM
I agree with the above comments. It will be to expensive to build that pump back up.

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