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Posted By: Ghostflowers Collection of 1970's "Bingo" Semi License Plates - Sun May 01 2022 07:16 AM
Collection of Vintage 1972-73 "Bingo" Semi License Plates in Original Envelopes.
$10.00 Apiece (21) Examples Available. One buyer will receive the extra mint plate that's out of its envelope.
Five examples are in the white envelopes, Sixteen in the blue.
Shipping is Priority or First Class, whatever's cheapest.
First Come First Serve

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Attached picture 20220430_215556.jpg
Attached picture 20220430_215603.jpg
Attached picture 20220430_215648.jpg
Now doing 3 for 20.
I will take 3 of them.
Six sets of 3 plates left...
Still have some sets left, 3 plates for $20.00, plus the ride.
All sets have sold...
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