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Need more help with Eco 97

Posted By: cormy

Need more help with Eco 97 - Thu Nov 30 2006 01:54 PM

I can't seem to get the numbers on my dissassembled Eco 97 to turn. The sprocket wheel that the handle attaches to will not engage the wheel that turns the numbers and only moves about a 1/4 of turn and locks up, either way. I see there is a horizontal screw inside the housing that the handle wheel is attached to, must have something to do with it?
Posted By: Jack Sim

Re: Need more help with Eco 97 - Thu Nov 30 2006 06:19 PM

My wife and I have a small business of supplying parts for ECO Air Meters. You can see just about all the parts in our Ebay Stores (crspub.com) or on our website: www.crspub.com
One of the things I have done lately is to rewrite the ECO Model 90 Service Manual. I completely retyped it making it easier to read, used better illustrations again to make it earier to understand, eliminated many things that no longer applied and added "Jack's Tips" to better help you repair your unit.
I also included a section to explain how the ECO works (this was not in the original service manual) and also a place for you to look up what is wrong, so you can find a solution.
This manual is on both our Ebay Stores and on our website. I suggest you get a copy. I also am probably the only person in the country offering a repair service. This is also explained on our website.
We have a very large stock of parts and usually ship by the following day.
Hope this helps,
Jack Sim
Author, Gas Pump Identification book, and Air Meter Identification book
Posted By: ynot

Re: Need more help with Eco 97 - Thu Nov 30 2006 09:54 PM

RE: kps to lbs conversion.

Does it or can we hope you included in this rewrite. Details and pics etc, on any specific parts required. Plus complete information on the "How To" procedure. Including those always helpful diagrams etc, along with your "Jack's Tips" for this conversion.

also, why do most of the replacement wheels seem to be white letters on black wheels. Rather than the norm of black letters on white wheels.
Posted By: Jack Sim

Re: Need more help with Eco 97 - Thu Nov 30 2006 10:20 PM

The question of converting metric to pounds has come up before, some saying you need a new calibrating spring. All I have ever done is put decals over the wheels and recalibrate the unit, it has worked every time.
Sometime during the 1970s ECO switched to plastic wheels. When they did this they also changed the color, making the plastic wheels white on black. Why they did this we will never know for sure, but I would guess is that they probaly hold up better. I again just put a set a decals on all the wheels on my restored units and changed them back to what they looked like in 1947.
You can't go by pictures of the older units also, for instance all the 1947 pictures show the ECOs with a black hose, but all the literature states they the unit would come with a Red hose.
I may not have covered every question some people come up with in my service manual, but my customers know that they can call me and ask questions.
Jack Sim
Posted By: ynot

Re: Need more help with Eco 97 - Fri Dec 01 2006 07:03 AM

Have a Bennett, ECO model 90 series service manual by CRS publishing, jim. Please advise how we tell the new issue from the old. Possibly if we knew when it was reprinted, that might help us.

Also have a blue covered, very similar looking service manual for the ECO, models 97 & 98 Tireflator from Past Gas.

Athough I will be the first to admit, something is alot better than nothing. Both these booklets appear to be mostly a collection of border line quality photo copies from John Wood, Bennett Pump Division pulications.

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Posted By: Jack Sim

Re: Need more help with Eco 97 - Sat Dec 02 2006 01:20 AM

The one from crspub is us, this is the one I retyped, and yes I used the John Wood illustrations, but you will find them to be much clearer. I have about 10 editions of the service manual, starting in 1947 through the 1990s. I just picked the best pictures.
As for the manual from Past Gas, I don't know what he used for the original.
You keep asking questions, but you have yet to tell us what you are looking for in a Service Manual. I have already stated the if you are a customer and have a question, you can call us, even better. send the unit to me and I'll repair it.
Place a $150.00 order and I'll give you a Service Manual free.
Jack Sim
Author, Gas Pump Identification book and Air Meter Identification book www.crspub.com
Posted By: ynot

Re: Need more help with Eco 97 - Sat Dec 02 2006 08:27 AM

Jack, I know which the one is yours. LOL

Much clearer. The one I have is not a quality reprodution and doesn't appear to have any "jacks Tips". Thats exactly the reasons why I was trying to determine which edition I had and if updating was necessary. That in addition to any other new info, such as kps/lbs conversions, etc.

Would appear, my understanding as to one of the key purposes of this board is way off track. Please let me know, as I thought it was for asking questions and sharing information. Plus the where's-why's and how to's etc. Even if theres not money involved.

ps: I was a customer! Spent over $150 with you more than once and thats exactly how this manual was attained. Also my eco meter is working, thank you.
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