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Posted By: Speedracer SIDEWAYS PICTURE FIX ** SIDEWAYS PICTURE FIX - Mon Mar 26 2018 06:57 AM
Hi all,

It seems that since the upgrade to the new format, we can not rotate pictures on Old Gas prior to posting them unless you use the old photo re-sizer. A lot of photo posts are coming out sideways now-a-days. Well through a lot of trial and error I have discovered a solution to the problem. It's not the best way, but it works. I'm not sure if this occurs with all cell phones or just Apple/ios products. The solution will only work with pictures that are in your phone.

-If I take pictures with my Apple phone and post them, they come out sideways.
-If I download pictures from my Apple phone to my computer and rotate them correctly, they still come out sideways on Old Gas.

-Take a picture or find a picture in your phone and view it.
-Click 'Edit' picture
-Click the rotate picture option.
-Rotate the picture, either 90, 180 or 270 degrees so it looks different (i.e. upside down or something) and click 'Done', which saves it. (do not rotate it 360 degrees so it looks the same - it will not work). YOU MUST CLICK 'DONE' TO SAVE IT.
-Now Edit it again and rotate the picture back to its upright position and click 'Done' to save it again.
-Now post the picture to Old Gas as normal and it should be right-side up.

This is actually easier done than explained, I just wanted to write step-by-step instructions for everyone. Basically you are rotating/altering and saving it, then putting it back to normal and saving it again. Don't ask me why it works, it just does. It took me a long time to figure it out after I played around with it for hours, but it seems to work consistently.

Please try it with other brands of phones and devices to see if this works. AGAIN, THIS MUST BE DONE FROM YOUR PHONE, NOT YOUR COMPUTER. But I have experimented, and if you do it on your phone first and download the picture to your computer, it WILL post correctly from your computer.

Hopefully there will be an easy fix when posting on here in the future, because it seems I am turning my head more often. But for now, give this a try.

I will also post this solution in the "Shop Talk Forum Help > iPhone Images Sideways" thread for future reference.

Give it a try in the 'Testing Area' thread.

Good Luck,
Steve (Speedracer)
Posted By: JimT Re: SIDEWAYS PICTURE FIX ** SIDEWAYS PICTURE FIX - Wed Mar 28 2018 04:14 AM
tHank you Steve -I will try it next time. That is frustrating to me.
Posted By: Speedracer Re: SIDEWAYS PICTURE FIX ** SIDEWAYS PICTURE FIX - Thu Mar 29 2018 05:46 AM
Your welcome Jim. I hope it works for everyone.

If anyone tries it and it works, please reply with your results. I have an older iPhone 5s. I’d be curious to know if it works with other people’s devices.

Posted By: RedHat Re: SIDEWAYS PICTURE FIX ** SIDEWAYS PICTURE FIX - Thu Mar 29 2018 11:34 AM
iPhone 7 here. A solution that works! Nice catch, Steve.
Posted By: 71chevelle Re: SIDEWAYS PICTURE FIX ** SIDEWAYS PICTURE FIX - Sun Apr 08 2018 07:18 PM
Thanks for the fix Steve
It worked with my Samsung S8

I made the changes on my phone then saved them as a file to my drop box.
Posted By: MetroPetro Re: SIDEWAYS PICTURE FIX ** SIDEWAYS PICTURE FIX - Tue Apr 17 2018 10:38 PM
Thanks so much for posting this fix Steve! Just tried it and it works ok (iphone5c).
Posted By: tbuckles Re: SIDEWAYS PICTURE FIX ** SIDEWAYS PICTURE FIX - Tue Oct 23 2018 02:05 PM
I have tried it several times and they still come out sideways with my Samsung S7.

I just run them thru "Photo Resizer" app and they always come out correct plus they upload faster.

Posted By: Brassnozzle Re: SIDEWAYS PICTURE FIX ** SIDEWAYS PICTURE FIX - Wed Mar 04 2020 05:44 PM
Good job Speedracer !
Posted By: Speedracer Re: SIDEWAYS PICTURE FIX ** SIDEWAYS PICTURE FIX - Wed Mar 04 2020 07:28 PM
Garth (Brassnozzle), Thank you.

There is also another way to get your pictures to come out straight. This works on photos in my computer on File Explorer every time.

- Open File Explorer on your computer. It’s the icon usually at the bottom that looks like a manilla folder.
- Click on your file of pictures and find the picture you want to use.
- Click on the picture to open and view it.
- Click on “Edit & Create” (top-right corner) and then choose “Edit” OR just simply click the cropping button/tool that looks like a square with a diagonal line through it at the top.
- Using the cropping tool, close in two opposite corners just slightly (by clicking and dragging the circles at the corner of your picture). Make sure you use two opposite corners so you can crop a little bit off of all 4 sides. It doesn’t have to be much.
- Click “save” or “save a copy” (“save” changes the original and “save a copy” makes a second picture and also keeps your original.)
- Post as normal on OldGas through the attachment manager.

Note(s): *This only works if you crop enough off each side (it doesn’t have to be too much). But plan ahead if your taking a new picture for OldGas. **I believe this method also works on cell phones.
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