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Posted By: Oldgas Look up another member on the User List - Wed Feb 18 2009 02:15 AM
You can look up another member on the User List

Click on "User List" on the menu bar.

The default display is a list of members by number of posts, largest number first. It can be arranged by the following ways.

# | Last Online | Display Name | Status | Total Posts | Location | Occupation

The title at the top of each column is a link to rearrange the list, sorted by that criteria. The active arrangement has a tiny triangle next to the title at the top of the column. You can click on the triangle to flip the list upsidedown, or from A-Z over to Z-A.

The # link arranges the list by the member's number. In theory, the lower numbers are members who have been here the longest. Actually that doesn't apply for some members who had new higher numbers automatically assigned to them in the database import during the big upgrade. I'm one of the members who somehow got a 2000+ number even though I was the first member. Go figure, huh?

You may also click on a letter in the box at the top to see only names starting with that letter. Then you can arrange them by clicking on one of the column titles. You may also search for a name or partial name with the search box.

In the list of members you may click on a member's name to view their Profile. In the profile, you can get an email address (if not hidden by member), view posts by that member and see other info, like their interests.

For your protection, only registered members who are logged in can see the User List, member Profiles or email addresses.
Posted By: oldnfuelish Re: Look up another member on the User List - Wed Feb 18 2009 11:58 AM
one thing jim didnt mention. if you click that members # of post,looks like ALL of their previous posts(even from way the heck back)come up.lotsa good reading there!
Posted By: gasoildude Re: Look up another member on the User List - Thu Feb 19 2009 06:09 PM
You are correct there Mick smile
Posted By: Gargoyle Re: Look up another member on the User List - Sun Mar 17 2013 04:14 PM
re: the "Buddies" option under My Stuff.....how do you add a member to your personal "buddy list"?
Posted By: Oldgas Re: Look up another member on the User List - Sun Mar 17 2013 04:34 PM
To add a person as a "buddy" go to their Profile by looking them up on the "User List" or clicking their name shown on the left when they author a post.

In the other person's Profile, click on the text link, "Add to UBB Buddies" (UBB is the maker of the software we use and the originator of the UBB forum code language)
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