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Posted By: H1HUMMER Richfield - Mon Jun 06 2016 12:24 AM
Any help with value on this ?

Fixed pic 😉

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Posted By: K W FRITH Re: Richfield - Mon Jun 06 2016 12:30 AM
Any pricing would have to be inverted! LOL
Posted By: petropumps Re: Richfield - Mon Jun 06 2016 01:16 AM
There's an identical one on eBay right now. They're asking $1995 or offer and it's been there a while. I'd think $1000-1200 is probably closer.
Posted By: H1HUMMER Re: Richfield - Mon Jun 06 2016 01:27 AM
Thanks, I saw the one on eBay....seemed pretty grandiose to me ! Appreciate your response ! Z
Posted By: carolinaskies Re: Richfield - Mon Jun 06 2016 11:40 AM
Ebay isn't the place for oil cabinets typically to get best money. High end auctions would see this piece fetch $1800+ IMHO.

But lets be practical:
Just the bottles are $600 if you sold them cheap for $50ea, bump them to $75 and you're at $900 and I doubt anyone here would value that cabinet any less than $500-600 if they were selling it. So lets say $1100-1500.
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