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Pontiac Sign

Posted By: sd389421

Pontiac Sign - Fri Mar 02 2018 02:52 AM

This is single sided painted sign. This is a big sign about 12' long and is NOS.

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Posted By: dodgeman60

Re: Pontiac Sign - Sun Mar 04 2018 01:16 PM

Not sure on a value, but that is a awesome looking sign. One that I have never seen before. What is the story behind it?
Posted By: JimT

Re: Pontiac Sign - Sun Mar 04 2018 05:13 PM

That is a really good one, in the right location. Almost looks like it was never used. Dous it look hand painted, screen printed? Any Manufacturers marks or signed? Is it steel, wood, masonite?
Posted By: sd389421

Re: Pontiac Sign - Mon Mar 05 2018 12:47 PM

This was found at a dealership in North Canton, Ohio. It has never been used. NOS.
It is not hand painted. Professionally made? Called screen print.
There were two of them. The person claims he got $3300 for the other one.???
Hard to determine a price for SSP, for me.
Very big. I think it's 12 foot long but maybe 14 foot.
I believe it has a manufacturer at the bottom but can't remember what it says.
Posted By: LOWright

Re: Pontiac Sign - Mon Mar 05 2018 04:30 PM

Wow, That's cool...
Posted By: coltex

Re: Pontiac Sign - Wed Mar 07 2018 01:54 PM

Those signs are desirable by a select group of collectors who understand that type of sign. The value would be very subjective. The right guy might pay the $3300, maybe a little more; but guys who don't value "production" signs will not pay much. Those signs are hard for beginners to authenticate which always leaves doubt in a lot of peoples mind such as "what would keep a local sign guy from just cutting some metal and making this up?". I love stuff like that. Hope that helps.
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