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Hermoline Gas Cans

Posted By: Victoria L Herring

Hermoline Gas Cans - Fri Mar 02 2018 03:34 PM

My grandfather was Clyde L. Herring who owned Herring Motor Company in Des Moines [and Atlantic] Iowa = I have more information about him but my main hope is to find out about some old auto-cans of the Hermoline variety. I have a few and while our daughter wants me to save some for her. I am not sure of their value or even if there is an interest, so thought I would post here...plus if anyone has any information about my grandfather or the company, I'm all ears!!!

I attached 3 images thru the Attachment Manager below but the instructions were for Windows computers but I did the best I could with my Mac, and am not sure they show up. Sorry

Description: Hermoline 'rocker' can
Attached picture Herring Gas Cans  4 - Version 2.jpg

Description: Hermoline Gun Grease can, with some of the grease left inside
Attached picture Herring Gas Cans  17 - Version 2.jpg

Description: square tall can for Hermoline
Attached picture Herring Gas Cans  9 - Version 2.jpg
Posted By: mapper

Re: Hermoline Gas Cans - Mon Mar 05 2018 03:46 PM

Hi Victoria...thanks for sharing! I don't know much about value, but I am familiar with the Herring Motor Company and oil company.

A friend of mine out of Des Moines collects predominantly Iowa based oil company items, and will definitely have some information. I'll ping him for information, and see if he can post here. Or I'll message you when I hear back!

Posted By: mapper

Re: Hermoline Gas Cans - Wed Mar 07 2018 02:16 PM

Victoria, I tried to send you a private message, but was unable to do so as you're over the message limit. Could you contact me when you're able to do so? thanks!

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