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Posted By: ironheadtom Can you guys help me with a value on this oil pump - Thu Jul 30 2020 02:45 PM
Looking to buy this from a local farmer if possible. It still works, he uses it from time to time. Nice guy. I want to be honest with him and not take advantage, so I'd like to let him know a ballpark retail value and then we can negotiate from there. I bought a bunch of stuff from him today and he was more than fair. Thanks in advance for your help.

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Posted By: Oldgas Re: Can you guys help me with a value on this oil pump - Thu Jul 30 2020 03:04 PM
Click link to see some forum threads about Double Lubesters
Thanks I was just looking at those. I was thinking 1000 retail but I noticed someone said they sold one for 750 in 2017. I think the Petro market was going great but then with covid I'm a reluctant buyer right now
If it has the wheels and such on the bottom, I would say $1000 and if not $750 sounds about right to me...
Thanks Dave.
Posted By: KZ1000 Re: Can you guys help me with a value on this oil pump - Fri Jul 31 2020 01:41 AM
It may be worth $1000. To a collector at a show, but off the farm it is a $400-$500 item max
Posted By: cggas Re: Can you guys help me with a value on this oil pump - Fri Jul 31 2020 09:42 AM
I agree with kz1000 $4-$500 tops.
I have to agree that its worth more to a collector, as I have seen them sell consistently in the $1200 range when all cleaned up. Original wheels on the bottom are a big plus too. I would think that $750 to $800 range would be fair to all!
Thanks folks. I'll be over there next week. I'll be interested to see if the wheels are on it.
If the 2 glass cly were broken, I would've said around $250 for it but he said that it's a worker. If I remember right, those are about $300 each to replace if you can even find the glass. Plus it has both original perches...
... but Kevin is probably right on.
Very nice just like that,as I like to collect things like that as found,and think cleaning it up would be sacrilege.
Leave it alone once you get it home. smile
I prefer unrestored but would clean the dirt and oil off of it. There might be some original paint or decals.
I won't be able to go back this week because I decided to sell at the 127. It'll be the following week but thanks again for all your input. I'll comment back here afterward. Just fyi I would never restore anything like this but I would gently clean all the nastiness off and see what's underneath and so it could be handled without having to wear a hazmat suit smile
Swabby on here can order just about any size glass cylinder for those. If anyone needs one or more. Hes great to work with also! Great prices!!
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