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Posted By: lankylounger Enarco National Light Oil Sign - Tue Nov 09 2021 11:20 PM
I have an Enarco Light Oil sign measuring 14" by 10" and seems to be tin. I can't find any info on this sign whatsoever - oil rack sign? other? I have talked with numerous people and posted to facebook and have heard everything from fake to original from 200 bucks to 1200 bucks.

A person on facebook said it was a US sign but seems like not much out there.

Any info on this sign? What is was used for? Age? Value?


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Posted By: minuteman Re: Enarco National Light Oil Sign - Wed Nov 10 2021 03:17 AM
National Refining was a usa company so it’s not Canadian.
Just an opinion but looking at the edges of the sign it could be cut out of something, can or a bigger sign????
Posted By: lankylounger Re: Enarco National Light Oil Sign - Wed Nov 10 2021 05:28 AM
Thanks for the post. Yes, did consider a can etc. but the materials and gauge is quite different then say a 5 gallon can. I did end up hearing from a few people on gas/oil site on facebook who have owned the same sign before. Turns out it is a tin sign that was used on the sides of an oil dispenser. There’s a few different versions of the product type so I've been told.

Value is still a bit of a question though. Thanks!

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