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Posted By: JR Pat Veeder Root wheels - Sun Oct 05 2014 10:20 PM
I have 2 Veeder Root wheels in boxes I picked up from storage from an old gas station. The part number on one of the boxes reads G-315456-003 (hard to read). The part number on the other box I think is G-315456-006 (it's harder to read). The 2nd box had an additional smaller gear in the box. By what research I have done, these are good Veeder Root part numbers. Both boxes are not in vintage or collectable condition, but the wheels look unused. I didn't find any similar wheels on E Bay. Are these wheels still in production? What are they worth? I don't have pictures, but could get some to E mail. Thanks in advance JR Patton
Posted By: Oldgas Re: Veeder Root wheels - Mon Oct 06 2014 02:09 AM
A topic about Veeder Root wheels was on the For Sale forum last week.
Posted By: Gasman84470 Re: Veeder Root wheels - Mon Oct 06 2014 04:07 AM
This thread as well:
Posted By: JR Pat Re: Veeder Root wheels - Mon Oct 06 2014 11:21 AM
Yeah I saw that when I Googled it, but it was for several wheels and I've got just got the two. Thanks for your help. JP
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