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Posted By: Wozzy Hi from a newbie - Sun Nov 01 2020 11:02 AM
Hello to 1 and all. As you can gather, I am new here. Actually completely new but not young. Being 45 years of age, I have only now really discovered an immense attraction for gas shop memorabilia and retro memorabilia...is that crazy? I mean I have always shown an interest in the oldies and vehicles and seeing these oldies would make me stop and take a look, so the attraction has always been there, hell I even completely restored some retro bicycles of the past but its only now that I am taking the leap to really get elbow deep into the buying, restoring and reselling. I won't give up my day job just yet as this is my bread and butter but my goal is a simple one in the meantime. Visit the great USA, buy as much as possible and bring the containers back to my home country, restore and resell. It wont be easy but my enthusiasm and goals are what inspire me. Of course I can always do with pointing in the right direction, so if there are other forums or sites like this great one where I can buy or other forums or youtube videos I would be greatly appreciated for any help. Thank you for the time in reading my future endeavors and hope to hear from some of you. Have a great day, Cheers from Warren in Germany
Posted By: SandPCollector Re: Hi from a newbie - Sun Nov 01 2020 02:02 PM
Warren, Welcome to Oldgas. Enjoy the hobby, and best of luck with your collecting!
Posted By: advertologist Re: Hi from a newbie - Sun Nov 01 2020 04:12 PM
welcome aboard .. ... cool
Posted By: Tankar Re: Hi from a newbie - Sun Nov 01 2020 04:50 PM
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Greetings from Nebraska. USA

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