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Posted By: hawkike SHELL X-100 TRI-COLOR SHARKS TOOTH QT.CAN-AUCTION - Tue Jul 25 2017 07:05 PM
Can is empty,top has been removed,why i know not!Back of the can near the top has a hole for easy hanging.Again i know not why! The can does have good color,great graphics.First bid $13.00 which includes free shipping.Such a deal!

Auction ends Friday 7-28-6PM left coast time.


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Posted By: eshaver Re: SHELL X-100 TRI-COLOR SHARKS TOOTH QT.CAN-AUCTION - Tue Jul 25 2017 08:22 PM
Posted By: hawkike Re: SHELL X-100 TRI-COLOR SHARKS TOOTH QT.CAN-AUCTION - Thu Jul 27 2017 03:44 AM
Bob Richards sent a PM and suggested that this can may have been used to collect sap,thus the top missing and the hole on the back.I think he is correct as the bottom of the can has a lot of residue in it,almost looks like rust.

Being that I make maple syrup I really don't think so. Don't think you can get it clean enough to get rid of the oil taste/smell. I would never use a oil can for collecting sap. They may have been used by some broke desperate sapsucker but not a dude that valued his product. There are many more better tin cans available like veg's,plastic jugs etc. I use 4 gallon plastic food grade bags that cost two bits each.
VERY common to find 5 quart cans used as sap pails in Wisconsin. (Not one quarts....too small) Over the years I've picked up many dozens of cans because they were saved from maple syrup operations. I've been to several estate auctions that had a big pile of sap collecting oil cans. Hasn't happened for a number of years now.

Found more 5 quart cans used as sap collectors than intact ones over the years.

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