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Eco Air Meter ..Warning.!

Posted By: TJammer

Eco Air Meter ..Warning.! - Tue Feb 18 2014 12:22 PM

Ebay # 131119665684

This is the same guy who had a fake Sinclair sign listed.
I've mentioned this air meter scam before, but wanted to bring it up again, just in case some of you were bidding on it.
I don't have any solid proof, as to what he's doing, but I was contacted by this seller before, stating that the winning bidder on a white Eco air meter didn't pay, and that he would accept my max. bid of $375.00.
He had the same air meter re-listed, when he told me this.
Posted By: tommyboy

Re: Eco Air Meter ..Warning.! - Wed Feb 19 2014 05:40 AM

This guy has other seller names too and he changes cities just as often. Uses others to jack up the prices ( or maybe it's himself doing it). Relisted 2 meters a couple weeks ago 3 times! saying high bidder didn't pay. This was 5 minutes after listings ended. I reported him.....didn't do any good...yet.
Posted By: TJammer

Re: Eco Air Meter ..Warning.! - Thu Feb 20 2014 09:01 PM

Here he goes again. Think he could be a little more creative with his user name.

Ebay# 251454454761
user 2014antiquepickers67

Bid at own risk!
Posted By: K W FRITH

Re: Eco Air Meter ..Warning.! - Thu Feb 20 2014 11:04 PM

Something is definitely strange about this deal??
Posted By: jbrooks

Re: Eco Air Meter ..Warning.! - Fri Feb 21 2014 12:24 AM

Next time I plan to go up that way I should message him through ebay and say I'd like to buy it in person just to see what the reply is
Posted By: JeffS

Re: Eco Air Meter ..Warning.! - Sun Feb 23 2014 04:29 PM

I have dealt with this guy thru CL. He had a gas pump listed in multiple cities along the east coast. When I asked him for a price on the pump, he gave me his number to call. I just wanted the price, so I had to go thru 3 emails to get his price. The next day he emails me again and tells me a price that was $200 higher than the day before. I reminded him of his previous price. He proceeded to cuss me out and told me to leave him alone.

A few days later I saw the same pump, along with others, on eBay with the seller being 2014nygiants0. I watched the auctions and was sure that shilling was taking place. The pumps "sold" for much more than they were worth and then reappeared shortly thereafter.
Posted By: jbrooks

Re: Eco Air Meter ..Warning.! - Sun Feb 23 2014 05:43 PM

Jeffs, did you get a name? Since I live so close I have dealt with a few people from that area and was wondering if this guy was one of them.
Posted By: JeffS

Re: Eco Air Meter ..Warning.! - Sun Feb 23 2014 09:53 PM

No, I never got his name. Looking back at the emails we exchanged, his phone number is 973-908-2206.
Posted By: Cold Pizza

Re: Eco Air Meter ..Warning.! - Sun Feb 23 2014 10:05 PM

That's a familiar number from this site that someone posted in a topic recently about some deception on Jan 22,2014..."I sent a 2 day postal money order,claims he is buying this stuff for a museum with all gas/oil stuff in N.J..His phone# is 973-908-2206 lives in the bayville."
Posted By: jbrooks

Re: Eco Air Meter ..Warning.! - Sun Feb 23 2014 11:19 PM

973 is a North Jersey exchange, Bayville is in the Southern portion of the state. Most likely someone there would have a 609 exchange
Posted By: Dr Dave

Re: Eco Air Meter ..Warning.! - Mon Feb 24 2014 02:17 PM

It is probably a cell phone number though. Bought in North Jersey, used now in South Jersey.
People now seem to carry their number no matter where they live these days.
Posted By: Cold Pizza

Re: Eco Air Meter ..Warning.! - Fri Feb 28 2014 01:16 PM

Related topic..
Posted By: marky

Re: Eco Air Meter ..Warning.! - Fri Feb 28 2014 01:56 PM

yes that is him its his cell # at least thats what he told me
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