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Posted By: gasmansgp Legal Ramifications - Sat Oct 08 2016 01:21 PM
I do not want to put a sour note to this thread as it seems to be posted in the hope that it can help with the hobby.....but. Years ago when I was still involved in restoring Juke Boxes, along with gas pumps, The big two shows were in St Charles, Ill. and everyone attended, including yours truly. Often dealers/hobbyists would ask others to help haul stuff back to different areas of the country? Usually as a favor but at times given a few dollars for their troubles? I was schooled very early by a very knowledgeable dealer that once you accept the item, as a favor or otherwise, it becomes a contract for you to perform. You are responsible to protect the item and deliver it to the location. Nothing too difficult in that, huh? Now consider, What If....you are in an accident, the vehicle is damaged along with the cargo.....a good lawyer might win a lawsuit showing failure to provide services? What if your cargo is stolen, or just lost? The same applies. We can go on and on but my point is, that to do a favor or take a few dollars to move something....by the rules that lawyers use, makes you a carrier and liable. I, like most of us have helped other vendors/hobbyist anyway, hoping that it would be OK? Still, you need to be aware of what you are doing? I have seen good friends never speak again, simply because one guy did not protect the other guys item causing loss. In this hobby, your name is your reputation and any slight, for whatever reason, is not good. I will now step down off my soap box. Thanks for listening. Paul www.severngaspumps.com
Posted By: Loyd Pierce Re: Legal Ramifications - Sat Oct 08 2016 08:07 PM
I have a enclosed trailer sat up to haul 4 motorcycles I've made lots of trips to bike events,not so much now due to limited income. I would haul bikes for fuel which helped me out. Four couples would rent a house and the ladies would fly in. Friends wife is insurance agent. When he first started going she asked if I would be liable for the bikes. I told her I hoped they had good insurance,as it was except the deal with the risk. Have never had any major problems but you are correct in the insurance and lawyer world you are liable for safe travel of cargo.
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