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Posted By: Loyd Pierce Wednesday -Hump Day - Wed May 16 2018 03:16 PM
Morning Oldgasers, Half way toward the weekend!
I'm playing off today and doing some stuff in the garage, I've just being bringing things in and dropping wherever and its beginning to show.
Weather well its wait on the afternoon showers all this week pretty well sums it up.

Have a great day all!!
Posted By: Done4 Re: Wednesday -Hump Day - Wed May 16 2018 03:56 PM
Still morning here for a few minutes so Good morning everyone.

It is beautiful outside with blue bird skys, high 60's but still really wet from all the rain, Couple of more days like this and we should be good to go.

Plan for today is to finish up a couple of things and maybe later start setting up the deck and bring some of the plants out, finally getting my clean room clean.

Have a good one everyone, be warm and safe.
Posted By: DWSheffer Re: Wednesday -Hump Day - Wed May 16 2018 04:32 PM
Hello All,
Nice sunny day today, which is welcome after all the rain as of late. I'm sure the farmers are going to start feeling a bit behind with fitting and planting if this keeps up.
Walked home on my lunch hour and opened the windows for my cat....he was on the ledge as soon as the window started going up. He loves to watch for anything and everything that moves.
Enjoy the day everyone,
Posted By: Oldgas Re: Wednesday -Hump Day - Wed May 16 2018 05:00 PM
Good Morning Everyone,

Foggy first thing this morning. Mostly sunny, humid and mid-70s now. Worked on the edging for the front flower bed this morning. Almost done.

Have a great Wednesday out there in Oldgasland

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Posted By: Nicole Re: Wednesday -Hump Day - Thu May 17 2018 12:21 AM
Like that flower bed Jim!

Wash, rinse repeat (with a rough spin cycle at the end) describes our weather...
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