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Posted By: Nicole Good morning Saturday - Sat May 19 2018 09:58 AM
Good Morning!

You know the rain is bad when the distant hum of the sump pump going on and off keeps waking you, and then you have trouble going back to sleep thinking of what might happen if the electric goes. We've been talking about a power back up for that so this may be the kick in the you-know-what to get us to finally do it!

But it's Saturday, open to possibilities...so good morning!
Posted By: T-way Re: Good morning Saturday - Sat May 19 2018 12:38 PM
Same thing here Nicole.

We've talked about it numerous times - but never pulled the trigger to get a back up generator.

But a couple of years ago they had crews trimming trees all around us and that significantly reduced the amount of power outages we experience - so it's become less of an issue.

Still expecting rain almost all day today and I've got a buddy coming out to get his custom Firebird out of storage, so I'd better get to it and get the car ready.

Later . . .

Posted By: Done4 Re: Good morning Saturday - Sat May 19 2018 02:51 PM
Good morning everyone.

More rain here today and tomorrow, but it's in low 60°s and no snow to report.

Some of these tree companies that are hired by the electric company think they can do anything they want to on peoples properties. Almost had to tie myself to a tree, they wanted to cut the whole tree down when it only needed branches trimmed. After some long stares they called their manager and he agreed with me. He apologized and said they just do what they are told and there's not a whole lot of thinking beyond that. No comment.

What ever you have planned today have fun, stay warm and safe.
Posted By: Loyd Pierce Re: Good morning Saturday - Sat May 19 2018 04:22 PM
Morning all Sun is shining but they have evening showers painted in for the next 7 days.

Tree trimming, well if you don't catch them here they will cut it down, if you complain and not home they will cut one side to nothing and not trim the side not under lines making you wish you agreed to removal. Really have to be on top of them around here.

Posted By: Oldgas Re: Good morning Saturday - Sat May 19 2018 04:50 PM
Good Morning Everyone,

We've had some long electric outages in the past so we decided to get a generator a few years ago. Since then, we haven't had more than a few minor outages. No complaints, though. Glad we are prepared.

Rain yesterday and more on the way later today. Lake water level is higher than normal after being very low almost all winter. Shoreline iris are in deeper water than they like to be.

Have a great weekend out there in Oldgasland

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Posted By: Nicole Re: Good morning Saturday - Sun May 20 2018 01:04 AM
We have a back up generator - but not the kind that automatically kicks in. But they have a type of pump with a built in battery back up that would kick in while we sleep. That's what we were thinking of.

Bob walked out to his plant frames and said there was about 5 inches of water around them and around our septic tank covers. Great--all we need is problems with the septic--but so far so good (fingers and toes crossed!). We have gotten about 12 inches of rain this week.

But it's also been some great working weather for me--no distractions! laugh

And I think we shall see some sun next week--yea!
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