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Posted By: Loyd Pierce Super Friday! - Fri May 25 2018 01:23 PM
Morning Oldgasers, Friday with a three day weekend attached. Going to be a wet weekend here if the weather guys have it right.

Went and mowed the place in the country yesterday and got covered up with ticks. I didn't do my norm and put out killer last year and got away with it, but it has resulted in a bumper crop this year. So I'm headed back today to fight back.

Have a great and safe weekend !!
Posted By: Done4 Re: Super Friday! - Fri May 25 2018 03:22 PM
Good morning everyone.

Looks to be a real nice day here today, outside work will start today but they are calling for storms tomorrow. Really hope they are wrong.

Been out of pocket the last couple of days, but I'm back in the saddle agin. Loyd, I dislike ticks so much, they are the nastiest bugs on earth in my opinion. Our property is in the woods so you have to be very careful when walking around.

Have a great long weekend, be on tick alert and safe.
Posted By: Nicole Re: Super Friday! - Sat May 26 2018 03:01 AM
Loyd - hope none were feeding on you! We get deer ticks bad here. If they have been feeding, I usually get a prophylactic antibiotic dose from the doctor that we take within 48 hours of finding the tick feeding. Bob and I have only had to use it 3 times in the last 15 years. It's not a guarantee, but reduces the chance of infection. Not something the doctors will write up on a regular basis. I get it as I am allergic to at least 3 categories of antibiotics, so would have trouble with the mega-doses that are needed once someone has enough infection in them to register on a blood test.

Course the other ticks carry other stuff--had a friend get one of the other tick diseases. Nasty!

Since I picked off 13 of them feeding on me about 10 years ago (I was clearing brush and knew better!), I always go out with tick spray on my 'tick' shoes and socks this time of year. Spray the bottom of my jeans if I'm out in the woods.

Wow - meant to say today was a beautiful sunny warm day and I hope everyone has a lovely weekend!
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