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Posted By: Nicole Wednesday/Thursday - Thu May 31 2018 02:52 AM
Well there may not be mold growing between my toes, but the new grass is getting clobbered by pythium. Usually not a big problem on tall fescue, but baby grass is speciallllllllllaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh.

We've had fog two days in a row with warm to hot temps. Tomorrow we get more rain, and are waiting to see what the remnants of the tropical storm will bring. The images of the recent floods north of here in Ellicot city were horrible, with a first responder getting killed trying to rescue someone. Saw the radar for that storm, and it just sat over the town for hours.


All you in the path of the tropical storm (or who area already in it) be safe over the next few days!
Posted By: Done4 Re: Wednesday/Thursday - Thu May 31 2018 03:20 PM
Good morning everyone.

Yes those poor people got hammer in Ellicot, what a mess. That will take some time to recover.

Weather around here has been pretty nice but we did have some hard rain yesterday and the ground is pretty wet agin.

Finishing up a Coke machine refresh today I hope, so it's off to the shop to do some painting.

Have a good one everyone be dry and safe.
Posted By: Oldgas Re: Wednesday/Thursday - Thu May 31 2018 05:23 PM
Hi Everyone,

I can't imagine the heartache and difficulty facing the people in Ellicott City after that second flash flood. I'd have to consider moving to a less vulnerable location to start over.

We have a storm predicted to come through here this afternoon, a remnant of the tropical storm. Hope we don't get hit with any damage.

We had two grandkids yesterday. We went to a local petting zoo farm and had a great time.

Have a great Thursday out there in Oldgasland

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Posted By: Ryan Underthun Re: Wednesday/Thursday - Thu May 31 2018 11:38 PM
Good evening gang!

I had a busy day today. I took a short run this afternoon to pick up a pump, then back to the shop to finish up some paperwork and get everything set for the shop tomorrow. I am having eye surgery tomorrow to correct my vision. I am worried, but excited at the same time. I probably will not be on the computer tomorrow, so have a good Friday everybody!
Posted By: Done4 Re: Wednesday/Thursday - Fri Jun 01 2018 12:03 AM
Ryan, I hope all goes well for you. Good luck.
Posted By: Oldgas Re: Wednesday/Thursday - Fri Jun 01 2018 03:46 AM
Our prayers for a successful eye surgery, Ryan. Great outcomes are routine now with all the advances in eye procedures.
Posted By: Ryan Underthun Re: Wednesday/Thursday - Fri Jun 01 2018 12:21 PM
Thanks guys!
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