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Posted By: Done4 Wednesday, time to eat. - Wed Jun 20 2018 01:43 PM
Good morning everyone.

70's and more rain! Just what we need, NOT.

Looked out at the bird feeder this morning and it seems we will be needing more bird seed. We now know Bandit is not a boy, three young ones learning where the food is from mom.

In the shop today because of the weather agin.

Have a great day everyone, be comfy and safe.

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Posted By: Rabbitman Re: Wednesday, time to eat. - Wed Jun 20 2018 02:08 PM
Morning all. I’m setting in the waiting room waiting on my truck tires to be rebalanced. Bought two new ones for the front my about a month ago and all was smooth until a few days ago when it developed a vibration. Feels like it’s coming from the rear so hope it’s just a thrown wheel weight. Looks like you need some varmint control Les. We have four coyote pups living in our west tree line in the yard. I’m thinking they’ve been orphaned but the adults are pretty smart. Probably should do something about them as coyotes are getting to be a real problem anymore and are really hard on the wild turkeys and other small game. A friend is a conservation agent so i think I’ll see what he suggests. They’re cute right now but unfortunately they will grow up to be problems. Have a good one everyone...GB
Posted By: Loyd Pierce Re: Wednesday, time to eat. - Wed Jun 20 2018 06:53 PM
Afternoon all, Les your going to need a lot of bird seed, or something they like better.

It was overcast this morning,then a shower that lasted about two minutes. Everything pretty dry around here, yards could use a big drink.
Better chance tomorrow so we will see, Mother Nature has the plan I guess.

Been to the lawyer office this morning than to the deed office to file some papers, Making some head way ,think I'll take the rest of the day off duty. Property deeds are fixed and ready.
Lawyer says no title company would sign on to sell properties this early,so its one step forward two steps back seems like. The harder I try to speed things along someone tells me I'm moving to fast.
Hurry up and wait--- Not my style.!


Posted By: Nicole Re: Wednesday, time to eat. - Thu Jun 21 2018 12:25 AM
Was feeling a little crabby today until I saw your critter posts--well not yours Loyd, unless you approach the title company gingerly like a bat stuck in your car seat.

btw happened to me once in a parking garage at UMD. Yeah, back then one could leave the windows open...
also my critter tastes really good steamed with a little Old Bay.

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Posted By: 796Chevelle Re: Wednesday, time to eat. - Thu Jun 21 2018 04:33 AM
It's been a good day for me today. Was able to sign and officially close on the house and property we were buying in Mt. Airy, NC. We're still in the process of selling our house here in CA, then it'll be time to pack up and begin the cross country journey. It'll be nice going from trying to display all my stuff in a 2 car garage, to having a larger 2 car garage as well as a 35X60 and 25X50 shop. I guess it'll be time for me to really start ramping up my collection lol
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