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Posted By: Done4 Tuesday, for the birds. - Tue Jul 03 2018 03:07 PM
Good morning everyone.

Nice day mid 80's sunny most of the day rain tonight.

Went out to the deck to switch out the globe on the wayne, I have one for the winter and one for the summer which is a metal body. Well, when I looked up I noticed some sticks under the bonnet and low and be hold there is a birds nest in there. No birdies just a ton of sticks. So I'll have to take the bonnet off to clean it. How in the world they got in there I'll never know.

Have a great day everyone, be comfy and safe.

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Posted By: Loyd Pierce Re: Tuesday, for the birds. - Tue Jul 03 2018 03:35 PM
Morning all, Its in the 90s here and headed upward. Last two afternoons we've had a brief shower, looks like it may be a trend for the rest of the week

Les you have a refuge for critters,I have a full time job keeping them out from under my deck. I hate to do it as I watch them build then rain on their parade.

My wife was in her fathers truck the other day and got hit in a parking lot,lucky someone seen it and got a plate number as they drove away. After much to do I found the lady yesterday and she is calling her insurance today.
She said she thought she hit a shopping cart. So here I sit waiting for her call, hoping she does the right thing.Not sure what my next move is if she doesn't other than to turn it in to uninsured motorist

Have A Great Day All!.
Posted By: Nicole Re: Tuesday, for the birds. - Tue Jul 03 2018 05:30 PM
Humm, next move is to let her know you will be reporting this as a hit an run if she does not get back to you. Usually one looks if something goes bump and I imagine it would be hard to miss a truck, whereas a cart might be below the sight line.

So just saw this--and it looks like our friends to our north had a scorcher for Canada day! And a record breaking low of 80 in Maine!


I imagine there is a death toll in Europe because of this--many homes don't usually have AC. I read from one of Bob's UK plant friends that they have not had measurable rain since May 12.

We are north of 90, with a heat index of 109. Poor air quality day too, so I'm staying in to work.

Les, I would have thought metal in winter and glass during the warm months. At least that's what works for gardening décor, because of glass busting if water gets in somewhere.

who didn't know that the spell check feature on oldgas does accents. À bientôt!
Posted By: Oldgas Re: Tuesday, for the birds. - Tue Jul 03 2018 07:30 PM
Hi everyone,

Slightly less heat today. Picking up our daughter's dog and granddaughter's cat soon to pet-sit for awhile. The dog is very needy of attention and will stick to one of us constantly. The cat couldn't care less. We're just hoping the fireworks on the 4th from around our neighborhood doesn't frighten them too much.

Have a great day out there in Oldgasland
Posted By: Loyd Pierce Re: Tuesday, for the birds. - Tue Jul 03 2018 10:47 PM
Nicole we have a police report after waiting on them two hours in the parking lot. Gave the policeman the tag number, the fact witness said it was a small van was the only reason he did a report. He called it in and tag did come back to a van,other wise he wouldn't of done one. Fellow from HR of the company she was working for gave us a call and said he was turning it over to their insurance so guess they will contact us after the holiday. He didn't seem to happy employee drove off, but its his job to calm the seas and make us happy I would assume.
Its pretty hard to get the police to do anything here on private property,so guess we got lucky.I had to jump through the hoop to even figure out who the tag belong to as they wouldn't supply that info..

If they let me take it to my body guy he is going to have a good laugh. The wifes dad had a accident on passenger front corner ,month later the nephew had another on drivers front corner. picked it up on thursday and friday morning on the way to take it back to her dad this happened ,left rear behind the wheel. This truck has been hit more times than a pro boxer, but her dad loves the truck as he bought it from his brothers estate.
If and when we get it fixed its off limits to myself and the wife if it gets damage again it won't be us!

But hey on the flip side when you are at the body shop once a month its like free detail jobs.

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