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Duncan Parking Meters Value & Info

Posted By: neatoldstuff

Duncan Parking Meters Value & Info - Mon Mar 26 2012 01:33 PM

Hi everyone,
I was wondering if you guys could help me out here. These are not mine, just helping a friend out here. I don't even begin to know about parking meters. I've watched Ebay a bit and there seems to be a large variation of what they sell for.

I think these are both Duncan Model 60 meters. The one that is painted in Harley Davidson Colors accepts a penny, nickle or dime. It has "Duncan Meter" embossed on the front. Works perfectly, looks even better than it works.

The teal green one says "Duncan Miller" on the front, accepts nickles and dimes and works excellent also. This one has an embossed circle on the back of it with a decal or plate that says "Drive carefully".

The paint on these is immaculate. I'm assuming the bottom discs were added for stability, don't know if the poles would be original? There are no keys at all. The "insides" parts of these meters that you can see looks every bit as nice as the outside. Can you guys tell me more about them? Give me an approximate value? There is a sticker on the back of these that says Gasoline Alley so I am assuming these were professionally restored by that place. That place does not seem to be in business any longer though. Thanks in advance....

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Posted By: huskybob

Re: Duncan Parking Meters Value & Info - Mon Mar 26 2012 01:41 PM

Posted By: neatoldstuff

Re: Duncan Parking Meters Value & Info - Mon Mar 26 2012 01:50 PM

Huskybob...thanks, but I was typing one thing while thinking of another. I said Gas Pump Heaven originally, the sticker on the back says Gasoline Alley...sorry! I have found more than one Gasoline Alley's, just not the one that made these. I also have a couple miniature pumps from Gasoline Alley, same place that put these together, but have not found them. They sure did quality work though whoever and wherever they are
Posted By: Nicole

Re: Duncan Parking Meters Value & Info - Mon Mar 26 2012 02:45 PM

I don't know anything about prices, but if someone wanted to display one of those in the house, a parking meter would make a cool piggy bank! smile Just have plenty of nickles and dimes to make change for quarters, dollars etc...

And if they don't hold a lot of coins, mom and pop could periodically empty and replace with paper money or just a paper saying how much the kid has saved up for the day when it's time to 'count' the money. smile smile smile Or let the kid do the counting each time...or have the kid keep track of his 'time' earned, like maybe time at an amusment park etc.
Posted By: dalin

Re: Duncan Parking Meters Value & Info - Tue Mar 27 2012 02:13 AM

i collect p. meters and have about 2 dozen different ones. yes you have a Duncan. I would guess from the 1970's They are great meters Duncan has made them in one form or another for 40 + yrs. (your plastic lens is interchangable with their current model meters) also, the older ones had a sight glass in the middle of the meter , so you could see the coin falling into the coin box. it's still there on yours they just filled it in when they casted the meter. the mechanism (insides) can be changed out in under a minute and can use the newer digital mechanism. Which citys did so they didn't have to buy new meters. the one that says Duncan-Miller is older than the Duncan meter one. (Duncan bought Miller) but that doesn't add value. They were probably one of the best meters at the time so they sold ALOT of them. Alot, meaning they are by no means rare. the value is what ever they are selling for on eBay. it helps that you have a pole for it(which is not original) the original was just any old 2" pipe cemented into the sidewalk or street. Having a pole and disc made to place the meter on can get pricey. (2" steel pipe price of a disc for the bottom , price of a welder to put it together) so that will help the value of your meters. having no keys takes away from the value because these use a lock that a locksmith can't pick. (you have to drill the lock out) But, you shouldn't have to open it till the coin box is full. Or you want to take it off the pole. hope this helps

p.s. I think the Harley Davidson Colored one would sell better, like painting a sports car resale red
Posted By: neatoldstuff

Re: Duncan Parking Meters Value & Info - Tue Mar 27 2012 01:31 PM

Thanks for the information Dalin...all interesting! Until you mentioned it, I had absolutely no idea the lenses were plastic. They are very well made! These are set up kind of unique, whoever did them restored the inside just as nice as the outside, but they made the lock mechanism in such a way that you can open it carefully with a small flat screwdriver. Or perhaps I'm better at picking locks than I know smile

Wouldn't make very good piggy banks in my house Nicole, the kids would figure out a way to get in them before I could smile
Posted By: dalin

Re: Duncan Parking Meters Value & Info - Tue Mar 27 2012 07:36 PM

good, they toke the tumblers out of the locks, they should do that with everything that is restored. here is a link to Duncan meters you can see the upper body is the exact same as the model 60.
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