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Coca-Cola button sign help?

Posted By: tmcnasty

Coca-Cola button sign help? - Wed Sep 17 2014 02:33 AM

I know Coke memorabilia isn't really on topic here, but I'm hoping this post is acceptable. I'm sure a few of you have some pieces. I went early to an upcoming estate sale to check out a 36" Coke button sign. The listing billed it as being porcelain. It definately is not. It's a painted sign. That's fine by me it'll be indoors. But I was put off enough by the "deceptive" advertising that I decided to hold off and do more research. The porcelain versions go for quite a few bucks and were the only ones I'd researched before I drove over.
Now back at home I'm looking at completed and active listings on eBay trying to price this thing and two things happen.
1). I can only find this exact version of sign in the porcelain format. Painted ones all seem to say "Drink" above the logo or have the Coke bottle on the sign as well. I cannot find another "just painted" version of this sign in completed listings or even just Google images.
2). I actually found the exact sign listed on eBay for much more than they were asking me for it. Now I know they trucked this in to this sale. Probably to add a little bling to their estate listing.
These two things make me suspicious. The thing sure looks right, but I am no Coke expert.
I was hoping there was a few experts here who might be able to look at this thing and spot it as a fake or a repaint right off the bat. I appreciate it. Mods...please have some mercy. I need to tell her yes or no before Thursday to have "exclusive" rights to it. If anyone knows a better website to post this query please PM me. Thanks!
The sign: (NOT porcelain)

Posted By: wocopep

Re: Coca-Cola button sign help? - Wed Sep 17 2014 02:42 AM

Tin version. Least desirable of the buttons. Not worth the asking price posted on your link to sign. Not in bad shape paint wise, some dents in metal. 350.00 tops
Posted By: tmcnasty

Re: Coca-Cola button sign help? - Wed Sep 17 2014 02:53 AM

Thx woco. Well they only wanted $235 for it. I'm fine with that. What concerned me was that I couldn't find another one just like it in the painted format. All the other 36" ones I can find have a bottle on it or say drink above the logo. Got me thinkin' it might be b.s. If it is I don't even want it for free.
I thought these old signs were marked with a date or something also. I didn't even see that.
Posted By: Dave's Garage

Re: Coca-Cola button sign help? - Wed Sep 17 2014 03:43 AM

I collect choice pop pieces. A nos tin button is worth more then a clean porcelain button. Tin/painted buttons didn't fair well in the sun or rain. A good 36" tin button with good gloss, color and overall condition is worth more then $350 IMO.

Here's some pictures of my porcelain buttons.

Attached picture rsz_015_2.jpg
Attached picture rsz_signs_gar-1.jpg
Attached picture rsz_coca_cola_50s_service_station_curb_sign-1.jpg
Posted By: Dave's Garage

Re: Coca-Cola button sign help? - Wed Sep 17 2014 03:44 AM

Here's two tin/paint nos buttons.

Attached picture rsz_cc_24_button_white_sst-1.jpg
Attached picture rsz_coca_cola_painted_24_button_w_bottle-1.jpg
Posted By: hri_2008

Re: Coca-Cola button sign help? - Wed Sep 17 2014 04:06 AM

Why not hold out for the one you really want? I have bought and sold many in all sizes. After doing so I now prefer the tin sign with the bottle in 36" size and the Drink in yellow 48" size. I just picked up this Canadian one in California and will be bringing it back to Canada this December.

Attached picture drinkcokeebay.JPG
Posted By: tmcnasty

Re: Coca-Cola button sign help? - Wed Sep 17 2014 02:54 PM

Thanks guys. Very helpful. As for the sign it wasn't that I wanted porcelain vs. painted. It was just when I got there is wasn't porcelain so I had no idea where to start with the value. I was suddenly uninformed.
My biggest complaint was the lack of gloss. Could probably be restored, but that was kinda strike 2 at that point so I held off.
I have no problem spending $. I just hate wasting it. I suddenly didn't know if $235 was fair, great or a total scam. In hindsight it was probably a fair amount.
Now she wants to try and sell it for more after talking to her "sign expert."
I told her to call if she can't unload it. Then I'm offering her only $200 for renegging on our verbal agreement. I had thru today to decide on the $235. Woke up to a $299 email. Good luck hon. I'll be yer fallback guy, but it's gonna cost you.

Re: Coca-Cola button sign help? - Sun Sep 21 2014 12:20 PM

I sold 12-15 36" porcelain buttons recently as a grouping for about 200-250 each and they were in 7 or better cond.

One on ebay is overpriced!
Posted By: Man Cave

Re: Coca-Cola button sign help? - Sun Sep 21 2014 03:10 PM

That one on ebay is just the basic and the condition is not great....wait to find the one you want. PM me and I can get you one fairly quick.
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