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Rebel Gas Car Wash Sign not legit

Posted By: TheGriffin

Rebel Gas Car Wash Sign not legit - Mon Aug 11 2014 05:02 PM

This Rebel Gas Car Wash sign popped up for sale somewhat locally a few weeks ago. Naturally being a Rebel collector I had to check into it. First I ran it by Founder, station owners, and bulk plant employees with no "I remember that sign" memories. Finally I went to see it with my own eyes and it looks to be a hand painted tin sign with some sort of varnish applied helping it look older. It also doesn't really match the true 6fter logo. Don't know how my opinion went over with the owner. It was sold to him as original and I think he has quite a bit of money in it. Anyway, though I would post it here so that if it pops back up for sale one day, maybe potential buyers might find this post.


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Posted By: antiquecollector

Re: Rebel Gas Car Wash Sign not legit - Tue Nov 17 2015 07:58 PM

I also have seen this sign in person but have a different interpretation on it. You did not include a picture of the back of the sign, and it is clear that it is very old (see picture). From the flaking around the mounting holes it is obvious the paint is old as well. Granted, this is a hand painted sign and was not mass produced, which would explain why nobody has ever seen it and why the logo doesn't match exactly. The gentleman that owns it says it was hand painted for one of the stations it hung on and was taken down years later by the owner. . I believe the sign to be an original one of a kind sign, that is very interesting for sure. Just my opinion.

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Posted By: TheGriffin

Re: Rebel Gas Car Wash Sign not legit - Tue Nov 17 2015 10:03 PM

That kind of aging is easy to reproduce. Just look on Ebay at all of the artificially aged fakes. The front is regular paint with a varnish painted on to give it a dingy cracked look. The varnish has brush marks all in it. The few bright white spots are where the varnish has chipped off leaving the regular paint. The back of the metal had sort of a green plastic film residue on it. The metal its self is flimsy. Definitely not 1969 or older. Also would not have been licensed or official brand advertising. My opinion is that its a fake AND a fantasy piece.
Posted By: Lastgas15

Re: Rebel Gas Car Wash Sign not legit - Wed Nov 18 2015 12:21 PM

Looks suspect to me. Usually when the back of a painted sign is that rusty the front will be rusted under the paint as well.
Posted By: Lappin864

Re: Rebel Gas Car Wash Sign not legit - Thu Nov 19 2015 04:56 PM

There is a local guy that either makes these or buys them. Here is one that he had sold to the current owner. I see them on craigslist every once in a while. All I know is he sells them like crazy so I'm sure they've made their way down south.
Posted By: TheGriffin

Re: Rebel Gas Car Wash Sign not legit - Mon Feb 29 2016 01:28 PM

This guy is again trying to pass this fantasy sign onto some unsuspecting buyer. He has it listed on ebay now. Please help me report it.


Sign on ebay
Posted By: ChuckD

Re: Rebel Gas Car Wash Sign not legit - Sat Dec 10 2016 08:38 AM

His name Paul Witt, he has a site on Facebook that he sells a lot of his hand made signs, I saw this one and messaged him, He told me he hand paints them and others, he's easy to find... but I'm with the griffin , they are not from the 60's....Chuck Darring
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