Am selling the remainder of my tire repair kits and some spark plugs.

All prices are plus shipping.

We prefer payment by Paypal, use my email address as the person you are paying.

I do NOT do PMs, if you want to purchase anything post it below, then email me and tell me what you want to purchase, this way I will have your email address. The first one to email me gets the item.

When letting me know which items you want, please include a number in front of the item name, every tin has its own number, this saves me a great deal of time finding the item.

Any questions, call me at 314-427-3943.

Please note, some of the cans have contents. All are cardboard cans.

Many more to come.

Thank you,

Jack & Cindy Sim

#21, Safety $8.00; #22, Gross, $10.00; #23, Morex $12.00; #24, Stix $10.00; #25, Ace-81, $9.00

#26, Wizard brown, $8.00; #27, Wizard blue, $8.00; #28, Western, $10.00; #29, Wizard blue/yellow, $8.00; #30, Ace, $10.00

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