The plugs are $15.00 each plus shipping, except the box of 12 plugs.

We prefer payment by Paypal, use my email address as the person you are paying.

I do NOT do PMs, if you want to purchase anything post it below, then email me and tell me what you want to purchase, this way I will have your email address. The first one to email me gets the item.

When letting me know which items you want, please include the number, every plug has its own number, this saves me a great deal of time finding the item.

Any questions, call me at 314-427-3943.

I will be putting spark plugs on all week, so if you want to wait before paying for any, that is no problem, just let me know.

Thank you,

Jack & Cindy

12. Leonard, 10-F, fits Chevrolet
13. National Super, 4-BK, HO1
14. Worthmore, Supreme, S-8
15. Splitdorf, 22, 14mm
16. Edison 2
17. Edison 3
18. Splitdorf 21
19. National Super 4-BK HO1
20. K.L.G., box of 12 NOS 10 50 (Cost of this box of 12 is $75.00.

Left to right, 12-15

Left to right, 16-19


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