I arrived at 5:15am day of the sale and was #24 in line and that translated to 8th or 9th in the oil and gas area line.

The first two gentleman who were admitted into the oil and gas area bought several items. However, not many items that I would have bought if I were In earlier, I would have purchased 3 more globes.

I did buy 8 globes, the one that I went after and 7 more because I felt they were under priced. Also picked up several maps and paper items.

The signs were mostly rough and over priced. The Packard was nice but priced at 9k. The pumps were nice older restorations and priced north of 15k each.

The estate sale company used Barrett Jackson results as their methodology for several items.

Doing a “Black Friday” estate sale was a first for me but I wanted the Eason globe which I bought and having been looking for for a few decades......so I’m pleased and time well spent.

Collect small Oklahoma Oil Co.'s 1920's-1940's. Barnsdall, Cushing, Eason, Marland, etc.