Bought this collection from my Dad. From the 80's, short lived, beer with lottery ticket like scratch off clothing. There's was another company that produced theses with taller bottles after these. I remember climbing on my parents kitchen cabinets as a kid and scratching one of these bottles off. Was caught soon after.

Have a six pack and 1 bottle. Carrying it by the finger holes after I took pics the carton ripped at the top. Like to get $30 plus shipping (heavy) for the 7 plus the carton (ripped top). Some bottles have various degrees of wear/scratched off clothing.

Hat- The adjustable strap in back is old and not something I'd adjust frequently in fear of breakage. Rare, only one I've seen. $100 shipped

Peanuts- Only one I've seen and it's unopened. Clothes on one side, nudity on the other (edited in the pic). Pretty cool. $100 shipped

I've also seen a mirror and 3 different styles of shirts.

Below is a little excerpt about the company.

I do know a bit about the origin of the beer. I knew the owner and worked for the company. It was founded by a man (first name Bill) in Santa Ana Ca. in the early 80's. The first brewing company was in fact "Eastern Brewing Co" of Hamilton NJ. This company was found to be shorting the bottles by one ounce and stopped brewing the beer. The company then went to a brewing company in Mexico. The beer from Mexico was a better tasting beer, I do say. They had Beer nuts as a product also. The scratch off label was created because the state of Calif said you couldn't have a woman's breast exposed to be seen by children that were able to enter liquor stores. Funny though they had no say so over the nuts. They didn't have the scratch off labels but were displayed right next to the beer. I left the Santa Ana area in 1985, and didn't keep up on the product. The company had other promotional products as well. Mirrors, Beer mugs, T shirts...



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Collect- Old Bakersfield CA. fence signs, Porcelain Dairy/Soda crate tags and shopping cart signs.