Hello everyone I'm looking for two very specific old can/tin/metal jugs one is a old 1 gallon Indian Head hydraulic brake fluid I believe it is late 40s it has a solid handle. The other is a 1 gallon esso Canadian imperial oil can it has wire handle I would prefer a marvalube 90 gear oil can/tin but could work with another very close one. I am a serious buyer just to put that out there have a PayPal account ready and would love to buy those if you have any you would want to sell and or downsize from your collection or if know where I could find one or both I would greatly appreciate any information or a chance to buy those. I have attached two pictures showing what I am needing. Thank you for looking hope to hear from some of you have a great day!

Screenshot_20210704-025134_DuckDuckGo.jpg Screenshot_20210704-023950_DuckDuckGo.jpg