a year ago our town lost a great educator,a marine,collector,small business starter (gas station,railroad man),town supporter the list could go on....A man that dared to do what others only thought of. An old school kind of guy that wasn't afarid to tell you the truth - eye to eye & was prepared to handle what you could say back. Looking back now I understand how much he prepared me yesterday for today dealing with the public as I do.
A year has gone by & the wife has done all she can do to keep his shop open & last week officially closed - taken down the signs. I have been honored to help set up the ebay auction for this family. Making sure that all that is collectible doesn't get in the dumpsters. This man collected eyerything, last business was a shoe shop (in front of building, back was everything else). Yes, OLD SCHOOL repair. He had a huge stock of work boots-name brand. This man was going to auctions way before they became a popular place to buy from. The family has no idea what will be found as they clean out.
Today we will be setting up the account & will post "here" the user name she will be using as soon as she makes one up. If you have a min. take a look at the page see if theres anything you can use or need. He was a gas station owner years back we just don't know what he saved??? Thanks for reading!