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#127272 - Tue Nov 28 2006 07:34 AM need help with Eco 97 light wiring
cormy Offline
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Registered: Mon Feb 09 2004
Loc: PA
I have discovered the Eco 97 I am restoring has a light in the top. However the wire has been removed at the base where the light screws in. I'm not sure how the wire rans out of the unit? Did they just plug in to a wall outlet?

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#127273 - Tue Nov 28 2006 07:43 AM Re: need help with Eco 97 light wiring
Cold Pizza Online   content
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Registered: Tue May 17 2005
Loc: Illinois
I believe the wiring was attached to the back of the electrical socket,then just ran down the back of the box rear panel to the base opening below where the compressor air supply plugs into it.
It was hard wired into the buildings electrical via a conduit originally,so most today attach a plug & cord for convenience.

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#127274 - Tue Nov 28 2006 01:01 PM Re: need help with Eco 97 light wiring
Jack Sim Offline
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Registered: Fri Nov 10 2000
Loc: St. Louis, MO, USA
You said you have a 97, so we are assuning you have a wall mount, sometimes we find a 97 on a pedestal as they were interchangable. The wire just exits the back of the wall mount and goes to any 120 source of power.
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#127275 - Wed Nov 29 2006 12:14 AM Re: need help with Eco 97 light wiring
haggis Offline
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Registered: Sun Apr 16 2006
Loc: usa
chris: As has been mentioned. Two wires were attached to that electrical socket. They were fed down and either out the back through the wall mount or clear to the bottom of the pedastal mount and out. Then connected to a convenient 110-120ac power source via a plug-in connector or hard wired and most always switch conrolled.

The wires on yours having been previously removed for who knows whatever reason. Being it frayed from old age, broken or burned etc. For SAFETY PURPOSES foremost, also a quality restoration and as you already have everything you need including the basic light mount fixture and necessary mounting socket fixture plate. It might be a real good idea, to possibly rewire it all.

This would simply entail removing the light socket by unscrewing same. Then a quick trip to your local electrical outlet for a very common and cheap, new plate mounted light socket. Plus possibly if necessitated, a length of their recommended wire and any little incidentals desired.

No big deal! Nothing else required, special parts purchases needed or shipping expenses involved, but worth far more than the minimal investment required.

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