I got back from Hershey on Saturday night. It was the culmination of a very eventful week. The nice thing about this show is the new friends you make and the old friends you see. Life is way too short for us not to keep in touch. I had a nice visit with my good friend Mike and his successor to the throne. You know who you are....The fact that we live relatively close to each other but only see one another so little always makes the visits memorable. The Successor has grown to be a fine young man... Met some new friends from the U.K., the island of PR., Holland and Belgum. Revisited with old friends from Austria. This show really makes you aware how very small the world is. Another thing you learn is that we do live in a world economy. Great show as always. I'll post a few neat things I was able to aquire a bit later. Looking forward to Barrett Jackson in January now. Paul www.severngaspumps.com