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#238391 - Sat Mar 05 2011 08:39 AM Re: Packaging globes??? [Re: pumpingethyl]
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Originally Posted By: pumpingethyl
Originally Posted By: Lastgas15
Originally Posted By: pumpingethyl
Originally Posted By: Lastgas15
Now here is the most important part. Never ever ship a globe through UPS! You'll only have to see them throw a globe box (clearly marked FRAGILE and GLASS) out of the truck one time to understand. Between seeing them throw and kick globe boxes a friend got some globes where the driver climbed on the boxes!
Just because you had one bad incident does not mean ALL UPS employees mishandle packages and every globe shipped will be damaged. Yes , my company does have some damages occur, but no more than any other shipping company. I have received damaged globes from several shipping companies, and most were due to BAD packaging by a "professional packer". All shipping companies, unfortunately have some careless employees, no matter who they are. The keys have already been listed, REMOVE lenses from bodies and DOUBLE BOX.

Who said I had ONE bad incident? I saw a UPS driver KICK a globe box out of his truck. I saw another UPS driver THROW a globe out of his truck. A friend was receiving several globes at one time. He saw the driver climb on something like 8 globes because he was too damn lazy to walk around to the back of the truck. Another friend saw a UPS driver throw a globe out of the truck. I know another guy that received a globe that looked like a safe had been dropped on it. The box was literally smashed so it was less than 2" tall (ok, that one was probably an accident). I know a guy that worked loading trucks for UPS. He said if the box said fragile or glass on it was like an invitation to throw the box. I could go on, but you get the idea. I never said EVERY UPS employee was that way, but overall their track record is terrible, much worse than USPS. I've shipped somewhere around 90 globes and never had any damage. I've received around 200 globes and the only ones that were damaged came UPS, and they were properly packed.
If a replacement window contractor were to go to your house to install new windows and you saw an employee throw the new windows off the truck onto your driveway I suspect you would have harsh words about the way that company performed and probably warn others not to use that window contractor. Who could blame you? I wouldn't.
Sounds like the state of Illinois has a lot of angry delivery drivers. SAFETY TIP OF THE DAY / When in Illinois, if you approach a UPS truck , make sure you watch out for flying boxes that are thrown or kicked from the vehicle. Hard hats are recommended. Stay at least 30 feet away if possible. Also be aware that there might be falling safes in the vicinity. And whatever you do, don't mark it FRAGILE or GLASS because it might push one of the lazy box handling maniacs over the edge. crazy

This topic was supposed to be about a seller doing what he can to ensure the globes he sells make it to their destination safely. Looks like you just want to be a sarcastic jerk.

To those that care about the items you ship just make sure they're packaged properly and don't use UPS.
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#238410 - Sat Mar 05 2011 10:06 AM Re: Packaging globes??? [Re: Lastgas15]
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#238413 - Sat Mar 05 2011 10:21 AM Re: Packaging globes??? [Re: pumpingethyl]
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I agree, never send something fragile UPS... They have lost parts... yes parts of shipments that never should have been separated. I have sent a bike, and I have packed many bikes, and it was beat to hell, riding it off a cliff would not have done as much damage... I never ship UPS anymore.

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