This is a Weaver "Valveless Pump" Lubester. It was made to pump oil or light grease. Still in decent shape but a bit dirty as it sits. It appears that the bottom claw feet were originally green, barrel I think was originally blue. The claw foot bottom is cast, each foot has a design on it that could be pinstriped, would look excellent restored! The barrel is very solid yet, there are a few small dents in it that need to be worked out, nothing major at all that anyone couldn't take care of. You'd probably need a new "hose" but I'm sure that's still available at most any hyd shop. Tag is nice also, just needs to be cleaned. Top is real nice. Barrel itself is tapered, approx 7" at the bottom, 12" at the top. Overall this sits 28" off the ground. Made by Weaver manufacturing in Springfield, IL. Be happy to ship this. Should ship most anywhere for under $20. All I'd ask is you cover exact shipping. Asking $125. Located in NW IL 61025 if you want to pick it up in person. I can be reached at 815-747-2613 or pm me. Would never rule out an interesting trade. Thank you.

Lube 1 (Small).JPG
Weaver Lubester