I wanted to share some cool stuff I bought and installed when I put up my new shaker shelf. I decided to post it here since it mainly used for items to be showcased.
Its called home automation by X10. It's really cool to use. I used to come down stairs and walk around and turn on gas pump, air meter, stoplight, globes, ceiling lights and jukebox when I would show someone the basement. Now I can walk down stairs and turn on everything with an remote control. It's really cool! I bought 4 wall Modules that plug in the wall and then the pump and stoplight and air meter and jukebox plugs into these modules which one is the transmitter. I replaced 3 light switches with the new X10 ones and now I can turn everything individually and the light switch ones I can dim. I bought some off ebay and some from X10.com since when I bought the ones off ebay I couldn't get them to work because I needed the transmitter. LOL You can buy new wall outlets instead on the wall modules but then you have to do even more electrical wiring. I can post the links for you guys to ebay stuff I bought if someone is interested.

I bought the stuff from lowes or home depot that turns on 1 or 2 things but they are cheap and don't work very good.


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