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#3388 - Sun Feb 15 2004 10:38 AM Painting old chest coke machine
markus Offline

Registered: Sun Feb 08 2004
Loc: evansville IN USA
I have an opportunity to buy an old chest type coke machine very cheap, it has been painted at a bodyshop, the paint looks great, the only problem is they painted over the embossed white coca cola letters, the whole thing is red. My question is What is the best way to paint the letters back to white? Is there a template your can purchase, or will I have to try and tape around the letters, which seems very difficult. any advice would be apreciated.

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#3389 - Sun Feb 15 2004 11:05 AM Re: Painting old chest coke machine
archimedes Offline
Petro Enthusiast

Registered: Mon Jan 08 2001
Loc: Clarkesville, GA
The best way is to hire a professional sign painter or pinstriper and do it by hand. Gives the best results and the least hassle. Good luck.

#3390 - Sun Feb 15 2004 12:04 PM Re: Painting old chest coke machine
aarontla Offline
Petro Enthusiast

Registered: Tue Jun 11 2002
Loc: Ft Worth, Texas
You can buy a vinyl letter kit from FUNTRONICS if you want to do it yourself.
Last time i checked (1 year ago) the kit price was $90.00.
More info go to: http://www.sodadecals.com/funtronics.htm

#3391 - Sun Feb 15 2004 02:24 PM Re: Painting old chest coke machine
Petro Enthusiast

Registered: Thu Jul 11 2002
Marcus, Thanks for asking the question that I have been needing an answer. I too have a coke chest machine I will be restoring for display in my replicated gas station. I have seen these decals and was wondering how well they worked. One bodyman told me to paint the letters white then spray the red over the top and then lightly sand the embossed letters to expose the white.
Good luck, Jeff

#3392 - Sun Feb 15 2004 03:00 PM Re: Painting old chest coke machine
dsmith Offline
Active Member

Registered: Sat Nov 15 2003
Loc: wichita falls texas usa
press over letters with self adhesive shelf paper,using high speed air sander go over embossed letters, leaves only letters exposed and ready to paint, sounds too simple but is used by most professional coke machine restorers.

#3393 - Sun Feb 15 2004 07:53 PM Re: Painting old chest coke machine
Jarvis Offline
Veteran Member

Registered: Wed Nov 01 2000
Loc: Evansville, In
Hey neighbor... give me a shout or e-mail me your number and i will give you a shout. I like to get to know old gas buddies near me. John
Looking for anything from Hoosier Pete, Platolene 500 and Red Bird.

#3394 - Sun Feb 15 2004 07:53 PM Re: Painting old chest coke machine
Terry Flannery Offline
Petro Enthusiast

Registered: Wed Jun 20 2001
Loc: Goodman WI USA
Use the Funtronics decals,peel and stick on,nuttin to it.

#3395 - Sun Feb 15 2004 11:58 PM Re: Painting old chest coke machine
tom 2 tone Offline
Veteran Member

Registered: Sun Dec 29 2002
Loc: so. minnesota usa
dsmith that is a killer idea!!!!! I LIKE IT!!!

I do some sign painting, pinstriping around here & i did the logo on a 7up chest machine awhile ago!


#3396 - Mon Feb 16 2004 10:25 AM Re: Painting old chest coke machine
marxmobilgas Offline
Veteran Member

Registered: Thu Jul 10 2003
Loc: DFW Texas USA
the BEST way to have this done is to have it silkscreened. Its also very expensive to have one screen made and hard to find someone to copy a Coke emblem without getting the trademark lecture. But for looks you cant beat it. Its how they were done originally(not with stencils)

Its by far the most difficult portion of Coke machine restoration and the focal point if done badly!

#3397 - Mon Feb 16 2004 11:23 AM Re: Painting old chest coke machine
dsmith Offline
Active Member

Registered: Sat Nov 15 2003
Loc: wichita falls texas usa
The way it was done at the factory was with a soft rubber roller and paint the right consistancy and merely rolled on. Dont waste your time trying this method, I have tried it a thousand times with spare parts and never got it to turn out right. Previous response was entirely correct, you can have a thousand dollar paint job and if the letters are not perfect it looks like **** .

#3398 - Mon Feb 16 2004 05:59 PM Re: Painting old chest coke machine
Rod Rouss Offline

Registered: Sun Dec 21 2003
Loc: Montreal,Quebec.CANADA
Hey Markus.....

I have an old coke machine (1947) Art Deco

and i have been wondering how to paint the white letters.....
A friend told me about a sign painter....

He took Two hours and it was done and it looks greattttttttt.
Take this advice and you will not regret it

#3399 - Mon Feb 16 2004 08:57 PM Re: Painting old chest coke machine
r49th Offline
Petro Enthusiast

Registered: Thu Dec 18 2003
Loc: clio, michigan usa
Being a former sign painter, I would going with the sign painter idea. [ not intended to be a plug] The other ideas sound ok, but, leave a lot of room for a goof up. If you try one of the suggestions, try on a practice item first. ie. an old license plate. But I suggest checking the phone book under sign shops and check with the smaller shops and explain your situation. Keep in mind that the sign business, like everything else has gone computerized and finding a honest to goodness sign painter might not be too easy, but we are still around.
Rod [Mich.]

ROD [Mich.]

#3400 - Tue Feb 17 2004 02:23 AM Re: Painting old chest coke machine
Rust Collector Offline
Petro Enthusiast

Registered: Sat Dec 02 2000
Loc: San Diego, CA USA
The rubber roller that dsmith was talking about is a "brayer". If you decide to try it yourself, you can find them at art supply stores. They come in various sizes and are mostly used to ink block stencils. I used a 5" one to do the letters on my coke cooler box, and they looked as good as the originals.
Good luck,

#3401 - Tue Feb 17 2004 10:17 AM Re: Painting old chest coke machine
dodogas Offline
Veteran Member

Registered: Sat Jan 25 2003
Loc: Kelowna British Columbia Canad...
Thanks Rust collector I would like to try that.

There is something about using a modern (that wasnt invented when it was made) process on an old item and then calling it a good restoration, that really doesnt sit right with me!!

Now I realize that not everyone can do the lettering or find a signpainter willing to do it for them (I would love to see that getting done)..but to run vinyl letters on an old box and call it perfect is funny .. more like new letters on an old box.

Powder coat.. sure its easy but if you use it dont call it a perfect restoration.. durable yes..correct ..no


#3402 - Tue Feb 17 2004 10:40 AM Re: Painting old chest coke machine
blakestar101 Offline
Active Member

Registered: Wed Jul 23 2003
Loc: Lynden, WA, US
Sounds to me like the auto body shop did the paint job backwards! Best tip I ever received (and worked great) is to paint the machine letters or embossing the color desired, put it on thick over the letters and embossing. Let this dry and cure. Now paint your entire cooler the color desired, painting over the color you just applied to your letters or embossing. Again let this completely cure. After everything has cured, wet sand your embossing until you have your desired results, buff and wax and you have your paint scheme!
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